Looking for an integrated amp to replace my Cayin A-50T

I currently have a Cayin A-50T integrated amp, and I recently had one of the EL34s die (due to age--not the amp...). Given the current tube shortage, I had to pay an inflated price for a new quad of tubes, which has caused me to consider a solid state integrated as a back-up initially, and based on the performance, possibly replace the Cayin. My speakers are Reynaud Euterpe Jubile (89dB/4 ohm) and my source is an Oppo 205.


I have no complaints whatsoever with the Cayin--just looking for a back-up and possibly get away from tubes in the future. As such, I am looking for SS integrated that would lean towards the same sonic signature--in the $1000-$2000 range. Since the Oppo has a volume control, I may be open to a power amp--in which case I would be open to an older well regarded model that I could perhaps obtain for a good price...

Regarding the integrated options--I only need a couple of inputs, and do not require a phono stage. Digital inputs are not a requirement, but could prove useful. I have been out of this for a while, so I am just getting back up to speed. If I had to choose today, I would go with a Cambridge CXA-81. The Rogue Sphinx or a Rotel are other options. perhaps a one of the Parasounds or something else I am not aware of?


Thanks in advance for all input/suggestions!






For under $2k you could get a pair of Schiit Aegir monoblocks (you have to run balanced cables from your Oppo.)

Tremendous value for the money. Class A most of the time, 80 wpc.  Very smooth yet revealing.

Just checked TS prices today and matched quads "in stock" were $270-$360+, so you got a deal.

I would just hang in until you are able to go out and audition SS amps.

I need to audition the new Heed, I mentioned, as the one I liked was a 10 year old model.

I have a couple of 15+ year old Sharp mini systems (class D amp section) that sound surprisingly good with my vintage wide range single drivers - when I run my TT/good CD deck through the aux inputs.

Not supposed to happen (from what I've read) pushing 16 ohm speakers, but weird things happen.

Didn't even realize they were Class D until a few months ago.





OP, +1 on that Cambridge CXA-81, especially as a back-up.  I've had one for a year and have no complaints at all.  You can probably get one used for under $1000.

I have the Odyssey Cyclops Extreme SE Integrated and it's terrific...same amp I believe as the Odyssey Khartago...

Did you notice how many posts do not describe the sound quality of their recommendations?