Looking for an integrated Amp...

Hello.   I’m new to Audiogon and I’m looking for some sage advice or at least so good opinions.

I'm in need of a good integrated amp.   What would you recommend in the $5k range?   New or used is OK.

I mostly care about audio quality in stereo mode.   I also connect in my 4K QLED TV and stream via Roku and  DirecTV so I need hdmi inputs for these devices and preferably hdmi 4K output for the TV.

My audio sources are all streaming (Tidal, Qobuz, & Spotify) over CAT6 Ethernet via HEOS into my Marantz SR7012 AVR.   I have no vinyl or CD sources.    My cables are all Chord Epic speaker and analog interconnects, Anticables level3 power cables, and AudioQuest Chocolate hdmi.   I’ve also got 2 Monster Power ac power conditioners.

My room is 18’ wide and 25’ deep with 9’ ceilings.

My speakers are full range Triangle Stratos Volante 260 at 93db sensitivity.   I’ve got a matching center channel and a Klipsch R112 powered sub.   So, I’m only doing 3.1 surround and I see no need for more speakers.

Any thoughts?
You cannot do discreet 3.1 with a traditional Integrated Amplifier. An integrated amp does not have the processing necessary to decode discreet/separate HT signal. A traditional integrated amp also does not have 3 channels of amplification to meet your needs for a 3.1 setup.

You are going to need to re-evaluate your criteria. Considering you want 3.1 channels, and you want HDMI and 4K video pass-through, you are likely going to need to stick with a high quality HT Receiver, or an HT Processor and 3 channel amp (or 3 channels of identical amplification).

Reubent this gentleman has everything he needs already.

OP all you need to do is to take the front left and right line level outputs from your Marantz into an analog input of the new integrated amplifier.

You can use one with or without a home theater bypass function.

If the amp has a home theater bybass all you have to do is to select that input on the new integrated amp and then play your theater the same way that you do now.

If the amp does not then all you have to do Is to find the volume that gives you equal levels when doing your calibration. You can contact us if you have any questions on how to do this.

A warmer more full bodied sounding integrated will really make those Triangles sing.

Another way is to run an optical output from the TV to an integrated with a built in dac and in that way the audio for home theater will also be on the system, then the TV must be set to output PCM.

Dave and Troy

Audio Doctor NJ

Gryphon Diablo a bit over your price range but might be worth the stretch.  And @audiotroy is correct.  If your AVR has preamp outs, just hook the front L/R outputs from the Marantz to the HT bypass or any other line-level input, balance the volume to correct level (if no HT bypass), and you're good to go. 
Hello hello All,

My apologies for going dark.   My Dad passed away a few weeks ago and I’ve been out of the loop for a bit.    Thank you for your thinking and contributions.

A few more questions to posit...

What at do you think about room correction for stereo?   Is this a good idea or does it mess up the SQ?

Do I want to get a preamp with and integrated streamer or should that be a separate box?   I worry that the pace of change in the digital world renders equipment obsolete quickly, unlike analog.

Thanks again for your help and contributing to my ever more costly bad habit.

I think @audiotroy has a good recommendation for a good integrated with room correction.  Micromega or some such?  Room correction is huge in my experience and far outweighs any shortcomings.  Just my personal experience.