Looking for an inexpensive Blue ray player

I am asking for suggestions on the purchase of a inexpensive Blue ray player for a living room system which serves as a modest 2.1 video and music system. I have two other systems which are music only. I am looking to use HDMI output for video and digital coax out into a DAC for sound. Something that could be purchased under $300. I will explore on Amazon for options. Thanks.
The Sony UHP-H1 is fantastic. Very good sound quality and excellent picture. It retails for $350 but goes on sale occasionally for $300. I love mine.



I use the Playstation 3, you can find them cheap. It has HMDI/Optical out and the player itself is great quality, the only issue is the fan is kinda loud, so if your room is small and you will be sitting close to it it may annoying.
I just went through this about a month ago. Read lots of reviews and used my personal experience as well as other videophiles. I would suggest you find new or like new Pioneer Elite, Sony, Marantz, Denon and Yamaha. If you need specific models pm me. I bought mine through eBay and USaudiomart.

p.s. If you need one with a front read-out pay close attention. Many newer models can only be operated when the TV is on! There is no front panel display to show operation. sometimes I may want to pop in a CD or Music DVD and just listen. Without a display you cannot see track, time, replay, elapsed time etc....

Hope this helps:>)
the older Oppa s are a good bargain, I see the 93s going for cheap frequently, mostly on craigs list. Not bad as cd players either
Thanks all!

Samac, The Sony seems like it would be a good fit. Has good customer reviews. 

Was not really looking to buy used however a used Oppo, Marantz, Sony ES, or Pioneer Elite might be considered at the right price. 

The two new players on my list are the Sony UHPH1 and the Yamaha BD-S681. I am also looking at some used machines on Ebay. Several Pioneer Elite models available there. 
I second yamaha.  The aventage bd 1060 features balanced analalog output and you are buying a lot for the money.
I have had the yamaha bd-s677 for the past 3 years, love it for sound and picture, but mostly the sound through the analog outputs...it sounds much better than my msb dac.
I recently have tried the sony h1, kept it for three weeks and sent it back because of audio.  So compressed, flat, same as the bottom of the line 2008 sony dvd player i still have.  To play cds, you have to have the screen on and gracenot because there's no display on the unit to select tracks.
No comparison with yamaha on sonics.  With that said, it could make a nice transport with its rigid chassis, i think that's what sony intended it to be, and it does offer excellent video.

Oppo used or new. Can't beat them for video quality.

And, isn't that what Blu Ray is all about?


+1 for Yamaha
If the sound is the first priority the Yamaha BD-S681 or used Oppo should be on first priority in your list.
mesch, the new sony uhp-h1 is really an old 2010 blu-ray player in a more rigid chassis.  It is so not "premium" that they just dropped the price to $200.  After having tried it continuously for 3 weeks, i would not even get it at $200.
Well, I just purchased a new Yamaha BD-S681 from a certified dealer via Ebay. Paid $270 for it shipped. After receiving and putting it into play I will get back to everyone as to what I think. Thanks for your help!
Excellent choice it's one of the best vlaue for money around ,Please keep us update.
Super duper.   Also, the yamaha has two usbs, one in the back, the other on the front.  So if you have very hd files (dsd 5.6, 192/24 or even 384/24), you can play them nicely from a thump drive or hard drive.

i ordered the sony, the other day, had them tell me when it was available for sale.  will be here tdy...........will let you know how it sounds, got mind for $299.........

Congratulations. Really enjoy mine. I also like the DSEE HX upscaling feature it has for music. The video is also fantastic.

If you purchased from Best Buy, they have it for $200 dollars. You should be able to get a price adjustment. Other retailers also have it for $200.


My player came today. So far, so good. I made have paid a little more than I should have, however our local Best Buy did not have this model. 
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Chrisr, I have not used the Yamaha that much yet. Played one DVD and one BRD. Picture and sound with movies were quite good.  I hooked it up using the audio output, based on your experience. Havn't used it for music yet. I will post back once i have had more time with it. Very satisfied with my choice, thanks for your 3/11 post. 

Jetter, I misread the above post which referred to the Sony. I am not dissatisfied at my purchase price.
I am very happy with this BDP.  I continue to use the analog output straight to a Cambridge Audio 550 amp driving Dali Zensor 1s. Far better than the cheap players, and commensurate with the rest of system.  There are few players that bridge the price gap between the sub $100 players and the OPPO class players. This seems to be one of the better value ones that does.
Yes the Yamaha is a great player, As I advised you before you won't find something better in this price level. 
The only thing that yamaha could do is improve the firmware to enable streaming tidal, spotify, netflix and the like. I don’t like having to stream with a roku.