Looking for an Audio Show

I'd like to attend a high end audio show/expo.  Are there any in the Philadelphia area?  I could travel to New York also. How can I find out about upcoming shows?  Thanks.  Douglas Hess, Newtown Square, Pa.
It's true there seems to be a lack of HiFi shows in the Philly area.

Chicago area April 12-14.  Enjoy. 
A short train ride away Capital Audiofest in the DC suburbs.
Thanks for that info.  I used to go to Chicago for the Juke Box Expos, long ride but always fun.  The Capital Audiofest sounds like a winner.
As someone who lived in Phila for 25 years, moved to DC, and goes back and forth between DC and NYC by train, you should definitely check out Capital Audiofest. It keeps getting better every year with an expanding range of hardware and software.