looking for an appropriate cd for my system

I am in the process of looking to upgrade my cd player to match the rest of my system. My system consists of:
Odyssey Stratos Amp
Odyssey Tempest Preamp
Paradigm Studio 80's v2
Monster Power ht2600
Groneberg Cabling(interconnects/speakerwire)
Cal audio DX-1
I am looking to spend no more than about $900. I listen to a lot of classic and modern rock and Jazz/fusion. I do not need that much detail in the player but rather a warmer, slightly laid back sound. I am currently considering the SONY CD-555es superaudio cd player, Rotel 1070, an Arcam cd 72t, or a Denon CD-1650sr (asian version with the 24bit chip). I am also considering a used classe cdp.3.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Rega Planet 2000 is the way to go in your price range and requirements.
I do not think you want to look at the Arcam or Rotel based on your wants (neither are warm/laidback). As mentioned, the Rega would work very well. FYI - it is top loading, which may be an issue for some. Also, look at the Music Hall CD25, which is what I have. It has HDCD decoding as well.
Ah! Njoe Tjoeb or Heart. Both are modified Marantz players with a tube output stage (6DJ8). They sound great and are in your price range. Loren.
A used Cary 303/100 is a great piece for right around 1000. It will beat the pants off every other CDP mentioned above with the exception of maybe the Sony. It's a great value and even has HDCD decoding. Good luck.
Your idea of a Sony SACD is right on. Good CD and excellent SACD for the price. Have Fun!
Thanks to all for the immediate responses. I had originally wanted to check out the planet 2000 but got mixed reviews on that one. I will give it a listen for myself. The Ah! player has also got good reviews at audioreview.com. Someone suggested the Jolida cd100 tube player which I am eager to check that out as well. Has anyone heard anything about this cdp? Also any thoughts on the classe?
Of course I would LOVE the cary303/100 but thought it was way out of my price range. If I can find a good deal, I would not mind spending the xtra bit.
I had originally order the Sony 555es from my audio guy and got a fantastic price-$525 brand new. HOWEVER, been waiting for over 4 months as it on back-order from Sony. Ended up putting the money towards a bell'o equipment rack. So starting from scratch.
I would consider a used Cal Audio CL-15, then take the extra cash and put it towards some nice cables.