Looking for an amp that punches way about its weight and I can grow with

So recently I purchase a McIntosh MC300 from a reputable dealer and got it and plugged it in and turned it and a nice arc/small flame came out the top and then the amp no longer worked.  So I am sending it back, and sending back a McIntosh is no funny it is too heavy and there are too may boxes!!!  Anyway this have given me time to think and do a lot more reading and I find this forum has some very open views on their thoughts which I love.  So that being said I am looking for an amp that punches way above its weight.  They will be driving Martin Logan Electromotion ESL's.  I know that electrostatic speakers require amps over watts (I think that is what I have be reading but I am still learning)

So a couple of the important details; my budget is around $3000 with a little wiggle room.  The rest of my system is as follows: SOTA Sapphire VI turntable, McIntosh MP100 Phono pre, Schiit Feya+ tube rolled pre.  90% of the music I listen to is Rock the other 10% is Jazz.  I am looking for something that will last me awhile and be great for a Martin Logan upgrade at some point.  I have been looking at some stuff by Rogue and Odyssey but dont know the brands well.  I also live out on the middle of nowhere and all I really have available to listen to is McIntosh.  So any feedback would be greatly appreciated.   
ML's and tubes sound lovely. I tried my Quicksilver Mono 60s with them and they were great; QS Mono 120's would be good, too, and I've heard a lot of love for Aric Audio, too. Supratek is on my short list, but Australia is a long way away.
Purchase used PASS 250.8 ASAP!!
I would suggest Pass as well however your budget may get you an X250 and perhaps stretch to an X250.5 a 250.8 is out of the question for $3K.

Pass Labs service and support is excellent.

Will look at the Pass Labs stuff.  The 250.8 is WAY out of my budget.  Have to find a good source of used sales for them.
You may want to peruse US Audio Mart as well Audiogon. https://www.usaudiomart.com/