looking for an amp for 12 to 15 hundred

Hoping I could get some input on an amp that would be driving a pair of paradigm studio 60's v3, ocm 55 preamp and a music hall cd player. my listening room is now quite small 15 by 12 and my music taste would be rock and jazz. I do have a seismic 12 sub also. I know these speakers like lots of power so would like to get some advice on something that will mate well with the preamp and sound nice great with the paradigms
Since your room is on the small side, it shouldn't take much power to produce high SPLs. Also, if you intend on biamping with the sub, then you'll need even less power. I encourage you to consider high passing the 60s (biamping with the sub).

For amps, I suggest these in decreasing price (and power): ATI AT2002, ATI 1802 and ATI 1202
You have lots of choices here. Some suggestions of amps that are likely to pair well with the Paradigms include a Classe CA-150, Musical Fidelity A3cr series, and Marsh A400.

Odyssey Stratos SE w/cap upgrade... and can be had 'new' in your price range.
I second the odyssey and would also suggest looking at one of the belles amps.
Look for PS Audio GCA 250 or Wyred4Sound amps.
I think the older Classe amps, the 150 or the Ten would be a very good match.