Looking for an alternative to Music Hall a70.2


I am playing with the idea of replacing my Music Hall a70.2 Integrated Amplifier, with an alternative. Here's my setup currently -> Oppo BD-93 Blu-ray player -> PS Audio DAC III -> Music Hall a70.2 Int Amp (via XLR input) -> Tannoy Prestige Turnberry speakers (via Kimber 8TC speaker cables). The speakers sit about 11ft from the seating area and are about 7ft apart. My listening room is 'open' (14ft W x 10ft H) and opens up into the dining and kitchen area

I've had this system for over a year now, and I am quite satisfied with the sound but am wondering if there are any better 'alternatives' out there. I use my setup for movies and music (50/50). For music, I listen to all kinds, especially vocal jazz and some electronica. I am willing to pay up to $3000 for an alternative to the Music Hall. I see good reviews for the NAD M3. Will it be considerably better than the MH? Any other options?

From what I know about your speakers, they are very efficient. If so, I wouldn't get anything without trying it in your system first. Also, if you are one of the few that is actually happy with your system, good job. Quit while you're ahead. Buy some music instead.
Thanks Zd542 :). The 'curiosity' bug has bitten me lately and I wanted to see if there's any else out there that's going to help me experience significantly better sound :)
IMHO, if you want to spend money on upgrade it should not be an amplifier. MH has plenty of punch and it is neutral, so I would look into speakers. Everything else in your system is maximized to the point of significantly diminished returns.
"Everything else in your system is maximized to the point of significantly diminished returns."

How do you figure something like that out?
at your budget at around 3k - i think the Hegel H100 is a must audition, i have the H300 at home, and its fabulous.
Hi did you sell your music hall A 70.2 ?
How do you have the Oppo and PS DAC configured in your system for audio and video?