Looking for amplifier kits.

A friend of mine is looking for amplifier kits (I'm not there yet). He found NAD and Levinson but is looking for a lower cost kit. Has anyone found an entry level kit that is tolerable for an audiophile or, better yet, a steal out there--a gem--a diamond in the rough? Lynne
If by kit you mean DIY assembly from the components, Bottlehead seams to have a good following. I haven't tried building one of their kits, but it's on my list of things to do. I think that Audio by Van Alstine might also have amp kits.

I don't think that NAD or Levinson ever offered anything in "kit" form, so I am not sure what you are asking about.

If, indeed you are looking for actual kits to assemble, I second the Bottlehead mentioned above. I have a Seduction phono stage and LOVE it.

There are also some Audio Note kits that are supposed to be quite good.

Decware and Triode Electronics both offer low cost tube amp kits.

John C.
I too am surprised by the NAD and Levinson. I can't see Levinson risking their name on a kit that someone could botch up. Lynne
Thanks for info. Lynne

Have you built one of those amps? They look interesting...sound?
Spud kit (a low-power, single-ended pentode): http://hawthorneaudio.com/spud_kit.htm
Jt - The last thing I built was with an Erector set when I was 8 years old. I screwed it up so badly that I've never attempted to build again. I let the pros do it. My concept of audio DIY is operating a remote badly.

Audio Sector is Mr. Peter Daniels who has an A++ reputation for his affordable DAC kits. About 3 months ago I was shopping for a USB DAC and wanted to get an Audio Sector pre-built, but there was a 3 month waiting list. I have never heard one of his amps, but I'm willing to bet that they sound great for the price.
Hypex sells class 'd' semi-kits. Well regarded in some circles and has many of the virtues of there ilk.
You can buy amp modules, PS modules / a transformer and 'case' it yourself.
I have the International Rectifier class 'd' reference amp sitting out in my garage, awaiting case and PS.
My last kit? A Knight Kit Star Roamer short wave receiver, built certainly no later than about '66.

Highly recommended audiophile quality kits.