Looking for Amp with synergy for Accustic Arts

I currently purchased a AA DAC 1 MK4 and Drive 1 MK2
picked up used Stealth Audio Sextant 110 ohm cable. Using Lipinski Sound 707's http://www.lipinskisound.com/l707.aspx
Looking either for amp or intergrated with synergy. This is a second system so I don't want go nuts. I'm currently use a Mac 6900 for now. Looking for opinions.
One thing I can say is just to consider an integrated amp that has balanced inputs, or better yet is truly balanced. I too just bought the AA DAC and my understanding is the DAC is at its best when used with balanced outs, so better to keep balanced throughout the chain.

An integrated that comes to mind is the Karan; I have not heard it myself but have heard just incredible stuff about Karan in general. From what I understand, the integrated is great value and gives you a large taste of the Karan sound at a much lower price.
Thanks Jmelm,

I ended up getting the Sim Audio I-7. Also picked up Stealth Audio metacarbon interconects Hopefully there as close to the Indra as they say.