Looking for Amp/preamp suggestions

Hi all. Its been quite a while since my last post. I'd been working on my system when I got married and had a few kids(i know i'm not alone lol). So now i'm back in the hunt, not as much money to spend, but still back in.

Currently I'm using a Pioneer Elite VSX 09TX to drive my Paradigm Studio 100's. I'm looking for a decent upgrade to my reciever. Originally I was eyeing a pair of Parasound mono's...but as you can guess my budget is blown up. Soooo I'd like suggestions on a decent sub $400 replacement. I'm not set on mono's or tubes or anything. I'd like suggestions on a set up that would make good use of my Parasound's.

Additionally I'll be playing cd's on my modded Sony DVP-S7700 and albums on my Pioneer PL-630 DD TT. Eventually I'll be including an ipod set up as well.
Thanks in advance, Bob
Any suggestions on upgrade for 400 range? New or used doesn't matter. I play %90 music. There has to be a decent set up that will drive these speakers and be respectable.
are you trying to stay under $400 for both amp and preamp? Do you want a remote controllable preamp?
If you put your speakers, Paradigm Studio 100's, in your post title you'd get more people who could give you specific advice.

Have you considered adding integrateds to your search? One approach could be waiting until you could spend $1000-ish used, & get a used Classe' or Plinius integrated; I wonder if you can really upgrade that much w/$400?
Not sure about this being an upgrade, perhaps a sideways move at best, but a different thought. It is not THX certified, nor is it capable of Home Theater. it also 1970's technology and only 2 channel at 70m watts per but It does have phono, CD(via auxilary), 2 tape out, preout, and up to 3 speakers capability, though only two(any two) at a time. The Yamaha CR1020 which sold for 560 back then but with inflation it would sell for about $2,000 today. Have seen it here and other places for about $350. Owned it back when it was new and with all its bells and whistles was great before moving to separates.
You be really hard pressed to beat the Audio Refinement Complete Integrated that is currently listed for just a bit more than your $400. The Audio Refinement line was designed by YBA. Don't think you can get anything better for more that twice the amount. I don't have any association with the seller, just love YBA products.
go for a used NAD bee integrated amp.
Thanks guys for your responses. You've confirmed what I already kinda knew...I was dreaming lol. I'll end this thread and start a knew one with the thought in mind of saving up around $1,000 and using the studio 100's in the title. I appreciate your input, Bob.