looking for amp for thiel 2.4 speakers.

i just sold my classe ca-300 to a friend who really wanted it and paid plenty for it (and i was not very happy with it), so now i need a new amp. i am looking for something used around the $1500-$2000 range.
the rest of my system is sonic frontiers line 1 pream(tube), classe cd player (being replaced by sonic frontiers cd player (tube) very soon) and acoustic zen cables and ps audio power cables.
i liked the combination of tubes ans solid state, so a solid state amp is my first choice. can anybody recomend, the only 2 that i have in mind are:
bat vk-200
plinius sa-100

thanks in advance.
I love my thiel 2.3’s with my pass labs equipment. I started with the x-150 and x-2. I now have the x-1 and x-350 (I needed more inputs than the x-2 and I also will upgrade the thiel 6’s when space permits) The x-150 and x-2 are closer to x-350 and x-1 than they are to the x-0 and x-600 monoblocks. I don’t need to purchase any tubes with my thiels now. The x-150 and x-250 or x-350 are very inexpensive here on agon.

Hope this helps
I heard BAT gear on the 2.4s, and it sounded darn good.
I was speaking with some representatives from Musical Fidelity at the stereo show in NYC in May and they were demonstrating their amplifiers with Thiel speakers. Their claim was that this pairing was more than just a show pairing, but rather they felt that their amps sounded best with Thiel speakers. In fact, they went on to say that they own each others' products. I am a MF fan and own the MF CDPRE24 and the A300 power amp (paired with non-Thiel speakers though). I must admit, I really enjoyed the MF pairing with the Thiels. You may wish to investigate MF's A3.2 and/or 308 integrated amps ... though they are both solid state amps.

Regards, Rich
I can't disagree with the previous posters, only offer another option that I'm using with my sonic frontiers line 1 and thiel 2.3: McCormack. Inexpensive to start with, cheap on agon, plenty of current output for the thiels (and 2.4 an easier load than 2.3), a lack of solid-state midrange hardness that the thiels can expose mercilessly, a sonic signature slightly to the dark side to offset the un-dark thiels, and factory upgrade options should you want the very best sound possible.
DNA125 should be fine for nearfield listening, DNA225 more power than 2.4s can absorb, but nice to have...
I am using a Levinson 27.5 with mine, and hope to upgrade to a 332 eventually. Based on my experimenting, even though the load is easier on the 2.4's, the demand for current is the same (as the 2.3's). The more power the better, not for "loudness", but for control. A brighter sounding amp like Krell or Bryston, my not be a good match for the 2.4's tweeter. I would go solid state, and stick to the Pass or Levinson side of the spectrum. i.e. a little more laid back.
Well, now I HAVE something to recommend.
I asked the same question many times and a lot of research was done since I couldn't afford buying-selling etc.

I first started with Mac gear and - total dissapointment. I tried MA6900 integrated then separetes (MA252 & MA 402). the sound was dull, lacked dynamics focus and detail no matter how I tweaked it. Highs were rolled off bass was wooly - total lack of exitement. I couldn't belive why people call Thiels bright. I craved for high frequencies.

Then I tried Musical Fiedelity A308 integrated - absoloutly wrong direction. Now I could tell why people tell Thiels are bright. Get that high freq out of here!

I had also opportiunity to feed them with Bryston 4BSST (Mac tubed C2200 as pre). The bass was there, dynamics started to appear, I had detail, involvment. What I did not have was mid-band textures and richness I heard with MAC power amps. But still Bryston wins with an overall package. Choice was obvious.

Then I read here on AG someone comparing Bryston with SIM W5. I talked with this guy a little and was convinced SIM is what I want. It was a best shot so far.

All I can tell about SIM W5 LE is this is one piece of an amazing stuff. It has better bass then 4BSST (stronger, better controlled and deeper), has magical midrange with a lot of detail and harmonic richness to die for. Nothing is obscured (as with MAC). Highs are very airy and a tad softened (but it may be interconnects, preamp, I have to see). All in all this is what I call a perfect match.

Try SIM W5 for yourself and then you will thank me. Belive me. You can't go wrong with it
Well, It could be your mistake to sell off your Classe CA300. I had thiels 2.2 and now 2.4. With the 2.2, I used all tube gears to get the best trebles and mids but giving away a lot of bass control. The 2.4 has a much sweeter trebles and mates well with warm sounding SS amps. I now use ca401 and its over-all performances is very satisfactory. Lots of warmth, air and Big Sounding. They recommend at leat 200w ss amps for 2.4 and going down to 3 omps means more power form tube amps. You would only get half of your thiels with the amps you listed. Good Luck
I agree with lunmanho. The Classe CA 300 is a great amp and probably one of the best matches for Thiel speakers you will find. And now you only want to spend $1500-2000? You should know by now you absolutely cannot skimp on amplification if you're going to own THIEL speakers.
My recommendation is buy back your Classe.
I have 2.4's with a Cary V12I and SLP98 pre. What I will say is that it is a match made in heaven. I do not play at screeming volumes but if you want to hear the most accurate sound and if you love vocals give this a try. I know many will say they love power and I am sure they do if you want your ears to bleed, but with the Cary in the 50w SET mode you'll be listening to 3-d vocals and think your room doubled in size. I had 300 watts of BAT product prior to the Cary and if you enjoy the sound of LIVE music and know what a soundstage is then hold on and have fun. I just hope you have the time to rediscover your music.
I heard the Stratos Extreme Oddyssey on Thiel CS6,
The most musical combination, Ive heard period.
Plinius might work, but the Stratos just unmatchable.
The X250 is not even close, in term of matching,
we both heard Stratos and X250 side by side.Email
Gabi, He is the one who own the Thiel,And He own
the X250, He sold the X250.Hope this Help.The Stratos
were not even broken in that time.
Not much to add to DavidRow's comments above that emphasize the best high current amplification you can afford. ...You own Thiels buddy, give them the respect they deserve. Pay up for good amplification! You wouldn't train for the Olympics by eating fast food would you? Pardon the metaphor, but Thiels need a high protein diet!