looking for amp

i have -living voice speaker auditorium 2 -rega saturn cd conrad johnson classic se -and (rotel rb 1070)power amp that i want to upgrade. But im not sure whit what. Any suggestion would a bryston 3bsst or 4bsst would be a good option thinking about the lp66s from conrad but not sure if i want to spend that much money to change tube.
Living Voice speakers are designed with tube amplifiers in mind and 60 watts is perfect. The logical choice would be the CJ LP66S or MV50 since you already own a CJ preamp.
Ty for the hint, befor the classic i was whit rotel pre amp and never really like my speaker.But now i just discover what tube can do too the living voice.My choice is made i go whit lp66s, but now i will be broke for next year but whit something to do 1 more question, if i listen 2hrs music a day,how much i will spend on tube after 1 years? Running the classic se and lp66s. By the way just discover audiogon its like an huge upgrade for all new stereophile!