Looking for Alternative Preamp to Blue Circle BC3

I've lived with a Blue Circle BC3 preamp for a while now and I have only good things to say about it. The trouble is, my wife is intimidated by the dual volume controls and after much discussion I've agreed to start exploring alternatives. I want similar performance, my wife wants a single volume control (to her credit, she appreciates the quality of the BC preamp and also wants to maintain this level of standard). What preamps should I be looking into? The Herron preamp and the Ayre preamps appear to be viable options. What else would you recommend? Thanks for your input.
Your thread raises more questions:

What is in the rest of the system?
Tube, ss or hybrid?
Number of needed inputs?
Actual price range?

And, if you like it, why not just send it back to BC and have them retrofit it with the remote volume control?
I have an Aleph 30 amp (class A SS), but I've been considering a hybrid BC amp for some time now. I would need 3 inputs. Price range: similar to the BC3, $3-4000 or thereabouts. I already checked and BC has not done the remote volume control on the BC3 and I'm hesitant to be a trial case.
I also own the BC-3. I would look @ Audio Note maybe the M-2 or M-3. They do not have remote though.
The First Sound Presence Delux was a better sounding preamp than the Herron so do not go there. The CJs make good preamps and are very natural and warmer sounding. The ARC LS-25 MKII bettered my BAT VK-30SE in dynamics.
If you just have the basic BC3 Depina (the one with the standard power supply), you may want to check out Gilbert's new BC-21.1 preamp. The new model uses the same tubes as the BC3, has an upgraded power supply, and can be custom ordered with the same hand-made stepped volume control as the BC3 (a single control).

I heard the new BC-21.1 at CES. It sounded better to me than most under $2K preamps I have ever heard. You may find it equals your BC3 if it is the basic model.

You can also custom order the BC-21.1 with a remote control volume control.

Don't be afraid to ask Gilbert about it. You can say I sent you if you want (can't hurt). He may even be able to do something with your BC3. Who knows until you ask.
Get yourself a BAT VK30 (with optional remote) used, step up and very easy to use.
I own the BC21 and am very happy with it, but as Sugarbrie says, the improved power supply and new Shallco volume attenuator in the BC21.1 should be a noticable upgrade. I'm considering having those upgrades made to my BC21.
Sugarbrie is correct. We set up the 21.1 and the BC 24 amp with the Penaudio speakers at CES. It is a nice preamp. You would not be a "trial case" as all the components are proven and used in other preamps. If your goal is to upgrade, then be prepared to spend more. Keep the Alpha 3 for as long as you can. It remains a good amp.
FYI, the original BC21 is still a nice preamp. Gilbert mainly went to the BC21.1 because he can no longer find a large enough supply of good quality new 6SN7 tubes. He tests all his tubes before using them, and too many of the new 6SN7 he was getting were not up to his standards. And he buys them bulk, as is, so he cannot return the ones he does not like.

He actually will still make the BC21 for those who prefer the sound of the 6SN7 tube. He can actually make you a new BC21 with many of the BC21.1 upgrades.

If you ask nicely, he will also make a custom order BC21 or BC21.1 with the power supply in a separate case, similar to the BC3.
Exactly, as Sugarbrie said. The reason I'm staying with the BC21 and considering adding some of the BC21.1 upgrades is because I like the 6SN7 tube. I have a decent stash of NOS 6SN7s which improved the sound immensely over the stock modern tubes. Both Gilbert and Kevin Allen feel the outboard power supply and the Shallco attenuator which is the same volume control in the BC3 and AG Series will greatly improve the BC21. I'm even considering having the faceplates of my BC21 and BC22 customized to be like the purpleheart with walnut trim ones used on all AG preamps and amps.
I have recently purchased a dealer demo Ayre K3x pre-amp. It is interesting to note that Ayre uses a very similar Shallco sourced Military-spec stepped attenuator volume control in the K3 and K1 that you would find in the BC3. The audio press and manufacters themselves have stated in both cases that this high quality part is big reason for the overall quality of sound. Although I have not lived with the K3 for very long, I can't say enough about how much I LOVE it. Especially the optional on board phono stage(if you into vinyl). What the phono stage does to some of my old crappy second hand records is make them come alive again. I would liken the before and after difference to the difference between an original CD recording played on a vintage 1983 sony CDP versus a remastered SACD on any player of your choice. Its that good! If you are interested, email me, as I know of a few dealers that still have K3 demos for sale (K3 has been discontinued). I know nothing about the new K5 that replaced the K3 except that is does not have an option for an on board phono stage or the Shallco.

All that being said, if you enjoy the BC3, you can't go wrong with the BC21.1. Or Gilbert may be able to give you a custom fix for the dual controls on the BC3. Ayre uses nylon belts to tie the 4 volume controls on the K1 together. ...Oh wait a minute, "what about adding a remote control for volume" this would step the volume for both channels at the same time.