Looking for Almost Full Range Speakers

Suggestions would be helpful in the Used less than $3500 price range with the following:

1. no leanness- (weighty and full required)
2. no upper roll off- crisp, clear, crystalline, clean top end both Highs and Mids- a very "live" sound and presence
3. detailed mids/ midbass w/ presence
4. slam, weight-impact in low end down to at least 30hz - but the lower the better
5. transparent and resolved
6. can be satisfying at low or moderatly high volmes
7. around 100 lbs per speaker- my back won't take much more

room is 12X18X8 rectangular and stuffed family room
musical preferences: classic jazz, r&b. Speakers are to be used with a solid state integrated at 160 watts into 8 ohms and with tubed sources. Lots of choices in the classifieds- Hyperion, Tyler, Von Schweikert, Thiel, Dali, Acoutic Zen, Dynaudio, Selah?
Won't get to audition- help with a short list would be great.
I'd be really tempted by a pair of Totem Hawk or Forest.

Or...a pair of ACI Sapphire XL monitors and Force XL subwoofer. You could audition this package in-home for 30 days.
Thanks Tvad, for the suggestion. I already have 2 subs and I'll be sticking with them. I did however try the big Revel and the ACI Titan II LE. I have a 5 year old so monitors and stands are not in my lexicon.

Among the music genres I mentioned, I forgot to mention rock. I also enjoy my rock so a floorstander with hitting midbass and low bass is important.
I heard the Totem Arros at the LA HES show in 2006, and they were really surprising. Big sound for such a tiny floorstander. The Hawk and Forest both go down close to 30z, and their size won't overwhelm the room. You can find them used well below your budget.
The Acoustic Zen Adagio's are well below your price point, but might be too much for your room. They make sweet music.
Thanks Raks, I almost bought the Adagios before so they are a consideration. I did not mention that I need single wire speakers as I currently have AZ Satori single wire. If biwiring is not a prerequisite for great sound, a biwire speaker will work. But if biwiring the speaker is required for it to sing, it's a no go.
What about the Def Tech Mythos ST's? $4K new (retail) and go to like 14 Hz and will do 110+dB's with low powered amps? I think you should go listen to them, they are a true giant killer.
How about PBN Audio's Montana SPI's? These have replaced Peter's SP3s that were very highly regarded. The Montana speakers are very easy to drive and have excellent bass. Your stated desires describe the Montana speakers to a tee.
Since you mentioned Selah, how about the ssr full rangers that are for sale right now on agon for $1500?
I went from forests to adagios...for me the adagios are a better choice,the forests sound perfect for what you are describing.Look no further,clarity is there strong point.
Thanks guys. Analogtroll, - I've always been intrigued with Montana speakers but as I said in my post I'm talking about a USED price under $3500. I don't see any way to get SPI's in that $range.
I would'nt buy anything before I tried the Proac D-15.
Sounds a lot like my Meadowlark Shearwater Hot Rods.
One speaker that I am seriously considering is Duke's Audiokinesis Jazz Modules, although they are just outside your budget at $4500. If sold retail they would easily cost twice as much. I hope to audition them in the near future, but I have heard nothing but positive things about them from show reports and comments I have gathered from owners and many who have heard these speakers. Placement is relatively flexible and should work well in your room. Seem to meet your criteria -- said to be very dynamic (with TAD pro driver), crystalline highs, solid bass. Worth a look at least.
You've pretty much perfectly described Merlin VSM-MX w/SBAM, but your budget is about $1K short of a good used pair.
Another speaker that fits the description is the Reimer Wind River GS. They would be difficult for a five year old to tip over.

Very live sound. Detailed and crisp high end. Tight bass. They go deep. Also can be driven by a tube amp down the road if you decide to change amplifier.

Used pair available now under $3000.
Gershman Sonogram will hit the $3500 mark ,new.
Used Legacy Audio - either Classics or Signature IIIs meet your criteria (except weight is a bit more than 100 lbs). I bought some used Signature IIIs here on Audiogon for much less than $3k I drive mine with an Earthquake Cinenova Grande (600 W @ 4 ohms) and they sound great.

Most notably, they have high efficiency and a lot of usable bass below 30 Hz.

Good luck!
Gallo Reference 3.1 w/ SA?
Dunalvy IVa? Might be a little over weight though.
Aerial model 9 fit the desciption.