Looking for advice on the best CD/DVD player

I'm trying to pair a CD/DVD player with the system that I
have at the moment. I'm using an older Mark Levenson 23.5
power amp and 28 preamp with phono stage. These units were
left over from the system I had before children. I just got
a pair of Revel M-20s (small ones) and am trying to find
a unit that can serve multiple funtions for listening quality and family viewing etc. Gone are the days of pure
audiophile enjoyment. Must balance family and fun. Any advice?
Get a used Sony DVP9000ES for SACD & DVD capability. The unit is superb for both applications
Theta Digital would go well into this setup, either the David II or Carman II depending on your budget. Their reputation for upgradability is well known and certainly they will include SACD and/or DVD-A as future upgrades.
The Phillips 1000, Sony XA777ES, and Marantz SA-14 seem to
be very popular units on Audiogon. Do you have any opinions about those units in this setup? Thanks
The Muse Model 10 is a fine choice. Audiophile quality cd playback and great video quality. Hard to beat combo.