Looking for Advice on Surround to Complete 5.1

Looking to replace my cheap, underwhelming surround speakers with something a little better. Not looking to spend a ton and would prefer something relatively small (think small bookshelf, not "Bose Cube small"). My main seating position is roughly 6 feet from each surround and the rest of my system is below.

Currently Have

  • Denon x1300w

  • LR: Elac F5

  • C: Elac C5s

  • Sub: Bic F12

  • Surrounds: to be replaced

  • The room has changed a little, but speaker and seating locations are the same. I’d be mounting these fairly low as I’ll soon be adding 2 atmos speakers in the ceiling (Thinking Polk MC60).


  • Micca MB42X: $119 CAD + wall mounts

  • Elac B4: $202 CAD + price for wall mounts: Perhaps a better tone match for the LCR?

  • Elac OW4.2: $304 - no wall mounting required: I like the low profile, wall-mountability and similarity to existing LCR, but am not sure the extra cost is worth it or if the wall mounting will limit placement options.

Given what I already have is it worth it to pay a little more for the B4’s or OW4.2’s or would I even notice the difference from something cheaper like the Miccas? Thanks for any advice you can give.

https://inro.in/lucky-patcher/ https://inro.in/9apps/ https://inro.in/vidmate/


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Fluance is Canadian, so check out their bipole XLBP or its little brother.