Looking for advice on speaker cables for proac d38 and arc ref 150

Just replaced marsh 400 with arc ref 150. My first and hopefully last tube amp. Currently using MIT mh750 bi wire speaker cables.
proac d38
Preamp  arc ls26
moon audio cd3.3
Cd to pre. synergistic research tungsten 
pre to amp MIT mi330 shotgun xlr med
i really don't like playing with cables but looking for advice that doesn't cost a fortune 
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What's wrong with you MIT speaker cables? I used the same cables you have with a ProAc/ARC combo and had no issues.
I've been using OCC copper for the last 20 years (mostly Harmonic Technology mostly with ARC and BAT electronics). Sounds good to me...
i was assuming that what worked well with ss marsh might not be an ideal match do to change in impedance .  

You have a great system. As has been said your MITs are some great cabling but if you find that you'd like to try something new I would recommend WireWorld Eclipse 7 or Equinox 7 interconnects and speaker cable. 


In the 90's when I was using a full Goldmund system with Proac Response 5, the best speaker cable hands down, way above MIT, Transparent, Nordost, Siltech, Tara Labs, was the Cardas Hexlink Golden 5C. The difference was huge! Later versions like Golden Cross, SE9, Golden REF, were not to my liking. I can't comment any further as I don't know about ARC amps, but I can tell you that Response 5 has Belden inside. Till today the most capable speaker cable  known to me, is the "Physic Harmonic ECO" handmade by Andreas Pollakis (Facebook).
The price is low  but the outcome is so great, you must witness by yourself. He gives 30 days money back guarantee so, you don't have much to loose. (To test it is to keep it. Always!)
Good Luck

Agree with the WW recommendation.  Also, Audioquest and Cardas.  Best....

I have Proac D-30R's and I'm using Clear Day Cables. I have used
them with both tubes (Manley Snappers) and now SS (Pass X30.8).
I would recommend you contact Paul at Clear Day cables and demo
his cables. It will cost you next to nothing and you can see if they fit the bill for your system.

Thanks for comments. I'll probably try to demo some of the suggested cables over the winter and see if anything is significantly better than my mh750
M.I.T. Transparent, Audience- will be an excellent place to start- narunner2

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
MIT MH-750 are some of the best speaker cables ever made, period. Huge, warm, dynamic, effortless sound. None of the recommendations will be superior.

As an alternative, my only suggestion would be to try van den Hul D-352. It has that same huge effortless sound with even more bass extension.