Looking for advice on new CD player?

I have a ten year old musical fidelity 3.2 cd player that retailed for 1500 dollars. Have new cd players in the 1500 to 2000 dollar range improved to the point that there purchase would be an "upgrade"? If so, any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
P.S. would be used with a Modwright pre and amp with Paradigm Signature speakers. Also, this is for redbook cds only.
Maybe ... the musical fidelity had a very nice sound. I had a Musical Fidelity M1DAC with my Modwright KWI-200 for a while before swapping out the DAC and it was a great match. You could do their transport and DAC for under $2k and it should sound better than your 3.2.
For $1500 t $2000-assuming you are not using isolation and conditioning now--spend that on, for example a used Equitech 1.5Q or used Hydra or a newer MIT Z Powerbar. Now you are guarateed a very worthwhile and permanent improvement to you sound. Future upgrades available by improving the powercord to the power center and also by improving the power cords the the individual components. You can't go wrong.
In the alternative; save up to the $2500 mark and pick up a used Alpha DAC. Sorry-A new CD player is not a good investment at this time, my alternatives are vastly superior investments in your sound quality. Cheers.