Looking for ac outlet with no sonic signature

Does this even exist.
I've tried all of the Oyaide outlets, Maestro and Porter Port. I've settled on the Avatar Acoustics Afterburner 8 for my outlets. I don't detect any sonic signature.


I love the Porter Port i bought here on AGon from Albert Porter.
It allowed more air and soundstage without any tonal issues.
How would you know if an AC outlet had no sonic signature?
I would assume if it didn't make it to bright or to warm.
I can tell if I put an IC in my system and it colored the tone. The same thing, let your ears tell you if the tonality has changed.
"let your ears tell you if the tonality has changed" And how do we compare the before and after? Sorry, but I have to ask - 'cause I'd bet that it's pretty hard to directly A/B that setup.

Human auditory memory last maybe 10 seconds, and on top of that as a species we're kinda notorious for accomodation and similar phenomena of perception. If we somehow cannot arrange some way to do a fairly direct comparison then it's awfully darned hard to claim similarity or difference 'cause our mechanisms of perception just cannot support those claims.
Of the many we offer, we have found the Wattgate 381 Gold the be the most neutral
Zmanastronomy, The only way to tell your AC outlet has no sonic signature would be to hard wire all of your power cords directly to the wiring in the wall. Then you will know whether or not your outlets have a sonic signature.
You people are imposible. Forget I ever said anything.
Rrog, why ask the above question and then answer it after I made a statement? You obviosly had the answer all the time.
I'd also have to disagree with Mr. hosehead about his "A/B comparison". If something tends to make your system sound bright, flat, warm or lacking in detail, it will not be "forgotten" after 10 seconds. I will always remember that it sounds wrong every time I sit down to listen.
there is no baseline or reference ofr a perfectly neutral stereo system. it does not exist.

thus if one is using outlet brand a, the stereo system will not be neutral. if one is using outlet brand b, the stereo system will still not be neutral, so there is no logical way of knowing that a component is or is not (absolutely) neutral.

i think one would seek an outlet that works well with one's stereo system and not be concerned about neutrality, which does not exist and will never exist.

if you consider what a stereo system is and what you hear coming from your speakers, listening to recordings whose "sound" is unknown, chasing neutrality is a waste of time.
IMO, from a technical standpoint, there is no reason to expect the sonic effects of an outlet, if any, to be consistent or predictable from system to system.

-- Al
Try Shunyada's , they have the most neutral sounding products , including there receptacles .