Looking for a way to stack pre and phono

I have an existing open bookshelf that hold my equipment (turntable is on a wall shelf) and I'm adding a preamp to the existing system where the phono used to go direct into the amp. The problem is I'm out of space and I'd like to have a shelf on a shelf sort of thing so my phono stage can sit on a shelf directly above my new preamp. Anybody make such an item? I can try to make a Salamander type mini rack but I was hoping there was something out there.
I don't think I would recommend sitting your Phono directly over your preamp ( I am no expert )..My guess is you will pick up more noise than you want or need...I try to keep my phono amp as far away from harm as possible..Equal distance between turntable and Preamp.( or as far as possible )....I admit though I am no expert on the subject........
I would just place an isolation device between them and see how that works. I have stacked preamps, transports and DACs in the past and now have my Meridian 200 transport sitting on my Audio Synthesis DAX. Itis the power amp that is the biggest worry.
If the cases on both pre and phono are sealed, and a few inches between, i see no problem.
(The op mentioned a shelf (or a board, between the items along with the usual feet.
The op could place a boead on top of the preamp with some sort of feet between preamp and board, then the phono on top of the board.
If the pnono is shallower front to back, place it so the pramps transformer is furthest away. If phono is narrower, so it is off to the side so farthest away from pre transformer.