Looking for a warm budget monitors???

I am shopping around for warm sounding budget monitors to be paired with an Eastern Electric M520 tube amp. I am looking for a full-bodied sound - musicality over detail. I primarly listen to jazz and classical. Budget is less than 1K please. Any suggestions??


Used Sonus Faber Concerto or Concertino.

I love my Von Schweikert VR-1s. Lowest frequencies are flat to 60 Hz (-1 dB) and 40-50 Hz in room. Great midrange. I use them in my library mainly for small classical and jazz. They are beautifully finished. Used here on Audiogon would be a good bargain, in the $600 range, or new on-line for $995. There are many, many monitors in that range that are wonderful. It will come down to personal taste. Good luck.
I've been thinking of upgrading my 10-year-old B&W 805s (pre-nautilus). I paid over $2K but would sell for $1k or so. I think they're quite musical and warm, and the imaging is great. They don't suffer from the brightness that some people attribute to the newer B&W tweeters. They're not terribly efficient, though, and I don't know the power of your amp. My 85-watt Creek integrated is more than powerful enough for my moderately sized room and moderate listening levels.

In a lower price category, I recently checked out the Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 for a friend. $350/pair. I was most impressed with the sound quality at that price.
another to consider is the spendor s3/5. very musical.
A used pair of Spendor SP3/1P should fit witin you budget.
Coincident Triumph matches your desires perfectly. Very tube-friendly load, too.

I agree with Jeffreyds. Sonus Fabers are on the warm side of neutral.
Vienna Acoustics Haydns. I have had a pair in my office with even an
adcom amp for over 8 years and have never really gotten the itch to mess with them, very very musical, not picky about amplification. When I changed the adcom for a bow wazoo and an old rega planet< i got true minimonitor heaven for cheap:)
If you've got room for floorstanders try the Jamo D450's, I currently run them with the EE M520...I also have used Reference 3A de Capo i's ($1k-1400 used) and an older speaker, if you can find them are Dayton Wright LCM-1's (probably $600-700 used).

The M520 is quite an integrated (even better if you can put a preamp in front of it) once you get ride of the Chinese tubes...I've been living with one for almost 2 years now (in the main listening room) and I haven't had one last anywhere near that long previously. The only integrated that I've tried that even comes close to it is the Nelson Image 66i which uses KT-66's, but doesn't have a remote option or tape out, so the wife nixes its use in the main room.

Good luck, and take your time, the journey is part of the fun with speakers.

Gershman X-1, ACI Sapphire III, Dynaudio Audience 50

All warm and musical under $1K used.