Looking for a vinyl Bluebook

I'm looking for a Bluebook that can help me determine the value of vinyl records. I have seen one at a record store I used to shop at. They are no longer in business, so I can't ask them.

I have a large collection of vintage rock, jazz, blues and classical. I would like to calculate the value of my library. I am hoping someone could tell me where to find one of these books. Thanks.
Go to Borders Books. They have what you are looking for or can order it.
I think the Goldmine Record Album Price Guide would suit your needs. I found it at Barnes & Noble (link provided), as well as from numerous other sellers...
Keep in mind that to use a price guide such as the Goldmine (the one I recommend) properly, you need to become adept at accurately grading the vinyl and jackets according to their rules. Read carefully and take to heart everything on this topic presented in the front of the book -- including the admonitions that the prices listed are supposed to represent retail prices from reputable specialist dealers, including the value/cost of their ongoing business investment, overhead and expertise, rather than from one owner/collector to another, and that the assumed baseline value of most like-new items for private sellers is the lowest one listed (VG), not the highest (NM), going down accordingly from there with decreasing condition. Of course, in a by-the-piece auction setting, the true values become whatever you are bid for items, as long as your grading is on target. If you just want to estimate the rough theoretical value of your entire collection the guidebooks should suffice (which is not to say that insurance companies will agree), but if you want to actually sell your collection as a whole, bear in mind that dealers will necessarily offer you considerably less to take the ungraded bunch off your hands than the graded, per-item book valuation, which is more or less what they'll aim to resell them for after accounting for their investment of time, money and effort plus a profit.
great thread, are there any Classical only books?