Looking for a vintage tuner these days

would like to find a good restored vintage tuner.  found some on the net but figured I'd ask here if anyone knows a trusted person that sells restored ones that aren't that outrageous in price.  budget is $700
thanks yogiboy!  I've been to the Oaktree so I'll check out audioclassics
You can also place a Wanted ad. Let me know if you want to at [email protected], Attention: Tammy and I can send you instructions. :)
Perhaps you already know about the fmtunerinfo site (http://www.fmtunerinfo.com) which has good reviews and comparisons of tuners. I found it helpful when I was trying to figure out what was best bang for the buck.

Edit: Never mind, most of their current tuners are low end.

There are a number of McIntosh tuners on eBay for under $700.
Listing at your price

Attach a real antenna, and hear what the fuss is all about.

Looks a little rough, but that's just the chrome finish. which just about all will have (pitting,rust) to some degree. A good cleaning to prevent further damage is easy.

Assuming the seller plays by the honor system, it should be trouble free(relatively speaking). 
Mine is a daily driver, and often stays on for extended periods. 

I found a clean one  for $700 a few years back. Cosmetic condition however, for a CLEAN(rust free)with case now commands $1K+ in listings I've seen.

thank you all for your responses!  I just bought a restored Sansui TU717 
and waiting for it to arrive.
I bought a McIntosh MR-77 in 9+ condition from an EBay seller for about $600+ ! A real fine tuner - wish there were more quality FM stations in my area (Tampa/St.Pete). Just two: 89.7 WUSF and 103.9 WSMR. The rest, just commercial pop/rock/rap dreck.
Sansui made outstanding tuners. Great choice!
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look for one that has been upgraded by Don Scott, though getting harder to find.  I use a McIntosh MR-74 and Luxman L-110 that he upgraded and they are amazing...