Looking for a very focused power cord

I've been a cable junkie for the last few years now. I've had power cords from Stealth, Electraglide, Gutwire, Argent, and BMI (and I'm not talking about their entry level cords). I've developed a nicely holographic and detailed sound. However, I recently threw a TG Audio Silver into the mix because it was cheap. WOW. It certainly doesn't have the tonal colors of the the other cords, sounding a bit plain or "solid state" but, it soundstages way better than these other "better" cords.
I'm hoping some of you audiophiles out there can turn me on to other power cords which have this ability to recreate a very well defined/outlined soundstage with pinpoint images but, has a warmer, wetter sound while still remaining in control (no bloat or smear or fat bass).
Thanks for your input. Oh, please keep the used price to about $500 or below.
When you find one, please let me know!
Any particular component you want the power cord to "gel" with? Based on the qualities you describe wanting, I find these qualities in the Fusion Audio Impulse and Enchanter line. The company offers a money-back return policy. As you probably know, power cords can sound differently on different components( think of the saying, "One's man's trash is another man's treasure")I'm a long-time cable junkie myself and I've gone through a slew of them( including all those which you've listed)
I have been along time fan of Ridge Street Audio and would think you should consider Roberts' top of the line Alethious power cord..If I could afford it I would buy it.If I rememebr correctly he has both Copper and Silver version..You also have the Return Policy just in case...Check out his reviews.....
I see Sherod already mentioned Fusion Audio, but I'm gonna chime in and second these cables. They are awesome! You can probably get the all copper Predator for around your desired price. I use two of them on my amp. There is absolutely no bloat or overhang with this cable, and while it won't warm things up, it won't make your system sound lean either. The Predator would probably be a better choice for you than the two more expensive Fusion power cables because it doesn't have any silver in it. You can contact the Fusion guys and arrange a home trial for little more than the shipping charges.

Alternatively, you can contact Don at DCCA and have him customize a power cable to your sonic specifications. His customizing skills are uncanny, and if you have patience with the process (shipping the cable back and forth a few times) you will be richly rewarded. DCCA also offers a money back guarantee.

Hope this helps!

Nordost Vishnu in my experience.
Before you consider chasing down a PC to color your system - you might want to check out a Foundation Research LC-10 (for non Amp related gear). I was thrashing about for several years trying to pin down the 'right' PC and stumbled onto these amazing devices. If you want to really hear your electronics and then, start your quest for tweaking the sound to suite your ears, these are the anchors to start with.

On my system, they removed alot of haze & glare I wasn't even aware of. Improved my definition, soundstage and tonality very markedly.

Best luck on your quest.
Thank you for your recommendations. Sounds like I'll be trying out the Fusion cables when finances allow. Your insight is appreciated.
Nordost Brahmas. At the risk of sounding like a reviewer, "just maybe the best upgrade I have heard in my system". I have now got a couple of Valhalla cords but no audible improvement over Brahma!
About the Nordost cords....I haven't heard the newest cables. I have done some listening with the Red Dawn and SPM speaker cables and owned the Quattro Fils IC's back in the day. I've read several reviews of the Valhalla, Shivas, and Vishnus but, I haven't heard and I don't remember anyone saying these were warm or full bodied cables. Extreme rez with pinpoint images? Yes! But not warm. If your experience with these new Nordost power cords has shown them to be warm and full bodied, please let me know. Thanks.
The Nordost alhalla and Brahma cables are "warmer" and more full-bodied than the IC's, while maintaining the speed and detail for which IC's are famous. Of the 2, the Brahma is warmer, but I think the Valhalla has the best combo of detail, body and a trace of "warmth."

I use both of them in different places: Brahma on pre; Valhalla on DAC. Works for me.

I have a Fusion audio Enchanter on the way. If that doesn't do the trick, I think I will try the Brahma. I've always missed that great soundstage/focus since I gave up the Quattro Fils. The Valhalla's cost more than my components so that's out of the question. Thanks for your post.
If the Enchanter is new , it will take about 200 hours to break-in and fully flesh out. Let us know how it works in your system.
beware of the foundation rersearch lc-10. i used them with quad 63s and vtl deluxe 120s. i found the affects of these products to be analytical. unnatural detail is less preferable to a slight loss in resolution.
I own Tg Audio cord. It's very nice indeed. Recently I've replaced it with Lessloss PC. Lessloss has the qualities you are looking for.
Well, I just added a Fusion Audio Enchanter to my system.
I'm using it on my PS Audio P-600. I like what I'm hearing very much; excellent detail, very good soundstaging, and it has done away with the occasional glare I was hearing in my system.

So, I have a couple questions for those who have multiple Fusion cables. Is is worth the expense to add another of the Enchanter cables or does the Predator get you there for less $$$ and how does the source cable compare to the Enchanter?

Also, has anyone had a chance to compare the Fusion cables to the Lessloss powercords? Thanks.
I'm currently using the Predator cords on my VAC Monobloc amps. I haven't tried this cord elswhere. I also have the Impulse cord on my preamp. I tried the Enchanter there, but the Enchanter seems to work best with higher current power supplies. That's probably why you like it so much on your P-600. If your Enchanter is new, just wait until it reaches 200+ hours of break-in. You won't believe how much better it gets.
just heard the new Dynamic Design cords and they (Spirit & Lotus)were what I would consider very "focused". Don't know what the prices are (yet), but given the shipping insurance requirements, I'd say they are within your range...very transparent, focused and balanced IMO.
I was wondering about the Lessloss and the Dynamic Design cables mentioned above. Would you consider these cables to be laid-back, up-front, or of a neutral perspective? For reference, I consider the TG Audio Silver to be significantly laid-back and the Fusion Audio Enchanter to be slightly laid back. Also, I am about to upgrade speaker cables and am looking for a very focused cable with a slightly distant/relaxed presentation. Any ideas?
Thanks for the help.
If you could tell us what the rest of your system is comprised of, since speaker cables are sensitive to the amp and speaker interaction, it would help in giving you a recommendation. What type of music do you prefer and at what volumes? Also, and just as importantly, what is your price range and do you require(prefer) biwire?

I'm not familiar with the Lessloss. IMO and in my system (Living Voice OBX-R, Wyetech Labs Pearl & Sapphire's, Accuphase DP-67, etc) the Dynamic Design Spirit & Lotus power cords mated perfectly. Very balanced tonality across the full spectrum. Extremely high resolution, but not "in your face" with no leanness (no lack of warmth). Combined together, I experienced an extreme level of ambience, that gave one a sense of being apart of the recording venue. Soundstage was perfect for me...width, height & depth...If your equipment is up to the task, I'd say they are very focused and neutral paired together. Pairing them together yields an additive effect ie: synergy. I used the Spirit on the Accuphase and the Lotus on the Wyetech Pearl.
Trigg, pairing them together in what way? On what components?
Sherod: My system is this (presently): I have a Consonance SACD 2.0 as source. I run the tubed RCA output into a JAS Audio Array 2.1 (805/300B) which drives the satellite portion of my custom speakers (they look like Legacy Focus/ 2X6" midbass, metal dome mid &tweeter from Eton and 2X12" NHT subs per side) I run the solid state XLR output from the SACD 2.0 into a Alchemist Product 8 integrated amp which drives the subs. However, I recently acquired a Consonace Calaf (w/Ediswan 5358's) which should replace both amps (more a matter of convenience than sound
as the JAS has a magical midband). RCA interconnects are Creative Cable Concepts 12.0 and balanced ic's are Pure Note Cerulean. I presently have a Fusion Audio Enchanter on a PS Audio P-600 which powers everything. I'm experimenting with power cords elsewhere so nothing else is certain location-wise. I've been playing with a Virtual Dynamics Nite Platinum on the SACD Player or with the BMI Hammerhead Gold MK I which I normally use there. On the amp, I've been using either a TG Audio Silver of an Argent Audio Brujo. ( I did have almost all Argent cables but, with these speakers, it was too forward and bright).
The subwoofer amp gets whichever power cord that is left over.

Presently, I have the crossovers pulled out of the speakers are I run Anti-cables from each driver out of the speakers and to a position just behind my component rack where I have short runs of Electraglide Silver speaker cables running the satellite portion and Anti-cables running the subwoofers!!! I hope to simplify soon.
I'm probably limited to about $500 (used) on the speaker cables. I'm perfectly happy to get good cables for the satellites presently and run Anti-cables below, upgrading them as finances allow or biwired cables are also fine as long as they are well endowed below. My speakers are surprising light in the bass region even though they have 4 12" NHT subs.

Sorry for so much info; as I said, I am simplifying soon.
Tvad, I'm sorry, I thought I made it clear. IMO when used together, (Spirit on digital sources and Lotus on analog) typical synergy effect can be expected. Spirit was used on Accuphase DP-67 and Lotus on Wyetech Labs Pearl
You did mention the Accuphase and Wytech. I thought perhaps you were also using them elsewhere.

Try the best MIT power cord you can find used within your budget. MIT addresses phase differences and the power supply of your equipment will provide you cleaner sound as a result. Buff can give some info.
I agree with Psacanli, after trying countless AC cables the MITs combined the best of all, combining tonality, soundstage,black background and no loss of dynamics.You really should audition a MIT power cord in your price range before you make your decision.
I see it's been well over 2 years since this posting was active but I thought I'd offer my experience on focused power cords since then as it may save another time and $$$.
Of course my system has morphed numerous times since then but here are a few of my favorites in the focused cable camp.

Top of the Heap: 6Sons Audio Golden Eagle w/Acrolink plugs

2nd tier but still excellent: Wolff BOHICA, 6Sons Audio Windigo,

3rd tier-very good: Wolff Gain, Sunny Cables P600 w/Oyiade or IeGO plugs, Cerious Technology (also upgrade plugs)

Another option, if you have a cable of promise but it's not quite good enough: experiment with other plugs and don't hesitate to combine different plugs on the same cord.
I often use a gold plated plug on one end (the IeGO 8085) and something else on the other end--preferably an Oyaide 046 or a rhodium-plated solid silver IeGO 8095. I don't think the plugs much effect focus but they certainly improve detail and tone. Good luck!