Looking for a used $500-$700 amp to warm up sound

I am looking for suggestions for a used 3ch amp (150-220wpc) to power a Paradigm cc-470 center and a pair of Paradigm Studio 40.3 used as mains. I am looking to spend $500-$700 on a new or used amp. The Paradigm's tweeters are a little bright for me so I am looking for an amp that will warm things up a bit. I am using a Denon AVR-3802 for my pre-amp and to power the other channels. I am using Signal Cable's Analog 2 ICs and shotgun bi-wire speaker cables. I tried a B&K ST-3140 amp (3*140watts) that sounded great but didn't have enough power to drive the speakers as loud as I like. I am considering an Anthem MCA-3 or MCA-3 mkII amp. Does anyone have any experience with the newer and older versions of the MCA-3 amp? Or any other suggestions?
Honestly my friend maybe you should look at other speakers.. if not happy with the treble of the Paradigms. I say again why waste the money trying to change the characteristics of the speaker by covering it up with an amplifier? There's surely a speaker out there that will make you happy.

Good Luck!
At your price point it is practically impossible to get the sound you are expecting in a 3 amp set up. Paradigms do not necessarily sound warm anyways. They are supposed to sound accurate, that might translate into a harsher treble. The only amp designs that might suit your musical taste are Class A amps. I do not know of a class A amp with 3 channels that goes for the price you set. Another amp choice would be the McCormack and that will cost you.
How old are the speakers? Are they basically brand new. I have Studio 80 V2's which have the same tweeter. I thought they sounded bright when I first got them. The tweeters calmed down big time after about 100 hrs or so. i also have a Denon receiver (3801) which I thought sounded a little on the bright side, I added a B&k 2140 to run the 80's and found it much smoother. Now they aren't bright at all. I even notch up the treble a little now and then.

I have heard that the Studio V3's are brighter than the V2's, may take longer to calm down.

Have you talked to your dealer about it? what about room acoustics?

Don't give up on the speakers if they're really new. i almost did to and am now SO GLAD i didn't.
My experience with NAD amps is that they are on the warm side of neutral, and might help your situation. That said I have never heard your speakers.

I'd suggest buying used so that you can resell for little or no loss if it doesn't work out.
Agree with Sean...NAd power has a nice, non-fatiguing sound...that has a softer top end, a very open midrange, and a controlled bottom end...