Looking for a USB Headphone amplifier

I am currently using a Music Fidelity OBH21 amp with a V-DAC to drive AKG 701 headphones. Though this system provides detail, I would like to improve on the ’soundstage’ and add a little more bass.

To this end, I am looking for USB headphone amplifier and also may upgrade from the 701s. Would like to purchase the amp 1st, one that would support a headphone upgrade.

Any recommendations?


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I bought Oppo HA-2 headphone amp recently and it sounds amazing. It has asynch USB, SPIDIF, DSD an analog in/out.  I use USB.  Sounds better than my Benchmark DAC1.  D/A converter IC is SABRE 32-bit. It has lithium battery and can be used with a phone, but I’m using it as stationary unit only (next to my computer).