Looking for a universal remote

Looking for a universal remote (RF) that has a display screen that synca with an apple tv. I want to scroll through music like you would on a ipod touch or like that image displayed on the tv screen. any suggestions
Universal remote; model 3000...it's a bit pricey; around $700; but works great and is very flexible with programming...
Harmony 890, easy to program, easy to use, excellent RF capability.
Second on the Logitec Harmony remotes. The 1000 was very easy to program and the graphic interface makes control simple. Priced at about $500 for the remote and $100 for the RF optional receiver if needed.
None of the harmony remotes will display info from the Apple TV on it's LCD. Apple Ipod Touch will over wifi, but will not function as a universal remote. I know that the more expensive crestron and AMX panels will do this, but your looking at big bucks for a fully programmed system. You're going to have to compromise. Use the Harmony to control the system and carry the Ipod touch around in your pocket. Use the money saved on the crestron system to pay off your car.
Prpixel, Troy wants the image on the AppleTV to be on the TV screen if I understand his question, so that's not a problem. AppleTV does that anyway, so he does not need that capability on his remote. I believe.
The TV (plasma) is on a lift and prefer to have the TV hidden when listening to music. Also, when listening to music outside, I won't have a screen to view. It's cool that Apple TV offers the screen viewing, just want that option on a remote. Checked out Creston, ouch, those are expensive.
The Universal Remote Control MX-6000 will take care of your needs. Just go to my website, beyondaudiojax dot com and link to products, Universal Remote Control. I am an authorized dealer and can help you with this. Also, I have an installer that can set it up for you, depending on where you live. Send me an email, let's talk.
The MX-6000 will not display the output from the Apple TV. It will only sync with Itunes or Windows Media Player and only when the PC serving the music is on. It requires the installation of a software program on the host pc. Now, if you're using Itunes to control the AppleTV then it might work, but if you're using the AppleTV as a stand alone product look elsewhere.