Looking for a Tuner

My Sangean tuner gave up the ghost. So it's time to search for a replacement. Since a tuner will not be an integral part of my audio system, I'm not interested in spending more than a few hundred $s. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you kindly.

Probably one of the best sites on tuners....
You may already be familiar with it.
I have a Magnum Dynalab FT 101 which can be had for the sum you're stating. Same thing, not much good radio to listen to anymire
I'm very happy with the sound of my old Japanese Denon TU-800. One of these would set you back around 225.00 or so.
It's on some top 10 lists.
Check out Audio Classics (audioclassics.com), because they have many tuners at different prices and can make repairs and upgrades if wanted.
I agree with Tostadosunidos, I 'm listening right now to a lowly Denon TU-600 I paid 50 bucks for . Better than all but 2-3 of the fifty or so tuners I've owned over last 50 years.
In detail as good as away.
Arcam never made a bad tuner, but I think Denon is better built.
Thank you, guys, for the suggestions. I'll follow up!
I own a Carver TX 11a and Onkyo T430R. Both are great tuners and can be found used for a reasonable price. Most likely will be better than any new tuners at the entry level that are currently on the market. I did hear the new Yamaha entry level tuner has excellent sensitivity based upon the reviews I have read.
Different tuners have different strengths; do you live in a crowded airway urban area or a distant rural area?
If the Tuner is not going to be an integral part of your system, another fairly inexpensive option might be to get yourself a used Squeezebox Touch, instead. I have one and it's great for streaming music from all over the World. The sound is also good. Even though, I love my Tuner, I only listen to a couple of local stations these days.
There are so many fabulous streaming opportunities for music that sounds so great...why would you want to capture an fm signal??