Looking for a Tubes CD

Been looking (for some time now) for a CD by The TUBES entitled Premium Gold Collection. Has anyone got a copy they'd sell or know of someone who would sell one?
I was curious so did some research and was unable to find a copy for sale anywhere.
The thing is that CD is a 2001 issue which most likely means it has been remastered with compression and had the life sucked out of it.

If it were me I would opt for the earlier 1992 issue of The Best of The Tubes. It being pre 1995 means it will not have been messed with and will most likely sound better.

I found it on Amazon ASIN: B000007MVT
Rockpig, The Premium Gold Collection was a short run collection that was issued, for what ever reason they stopped pressing it. I had it ordered from Amazon origionally but, had the order cancelled. I found it there again from a private owner but, was too late to get it. I ordered 2 copies from Germany but, never got 'em. I even found a copy in Russia but, was again too late and I need it to quell the obsession that I have once and for all since I got close too many times. I know it's out there I've just been a day late and a dollar short too many times to get it and I really want it and I need help to locate it.
Also...pick up TUbes Remote Control...great lost "concept" lp produced by Todd Rundgren.....
Phasecorrect-Ahh you hit my all time favorite Tubes release!
Remote is a great release, and was even better seeing it live when we saw 'em
I just picked up TUbes debut produced by AL Kooper...white punks on dope!....