Looking for a tubed Preamp around $2000 Used

I’m looking for a used tube preamp. Preferably with a tube phono section in the $1,500-$2,000 range. I’m thinking BAT VK-30, (I Know it dosn't have a tubed Phono,) VAC Standard as well as the Juicy Music Blue Berry. Any thoughts comparisons would be most appreciated. I listen to 60% rock 30%jazz 10% classical.

I currently have a Thornes 520 turntable a Sun Step up transformer for an Otoforon MC cartridge. Adcom 750 Pre (Can’t wait to replace), Wadia 301 CD Player, Sun 2A3 Push-Pull Mono’s and Cabasse 401 speakers.
A used Rogue Magnum 99 with phono section (tubed) is within your price range. It is a fantastic preamp; very dynamic, detailed, rich sounding pre. Stereophile did a review on it a few years back and loved it.

There is currently one for sale here on AudioGon for $1475. and it includes the phono section. (and, no, I'm not the seller.)
BAT VK3i will get you a phono section. Modwright linestage can be had new for that amount, no phono stage though. Both should be strong performers. Neither is really "tubey" sounding, instead they add just a touch of that tube magic.
You might try an Audible Illusions Modulus3A with John Curl phonostage, well regarded and a good bargain,often available on Audiogon.
The 2A3s will drive the Cabasses? Interesting.

If you don't need remote volume control (it's a must for me) you might try to find a used Joule Electra LA100. The entire Joule range are great sounding and very musical. My memory of the 2A3s I owned some years ago were they are quite transparent with the right speakers. I think the BAT stuff might be a good match, too. You probably like a faster, more dynamic sound and BAT can give that. Be leary of C-J pres as those available in your price range may be a bit veiled and lacking in dynamics.

Any CAT Signature MK II or above is recommended. Tubed unit with separate power supply and accepts unbalanced ins/outs only. You can probably get a used CAT Sig. Mk II for $2000 and the Mk III for a bit more. Well worth it with good re-sale value too.

Happy Hunting!
Not all VK3i's have a phono stage and the inboard is acceptable but nothing special. A CAT/w phono should be available in that price range. I did like the BAT better than the CAT, but that probably goes against conventional wisdom.
A used Counterpoint SA-5000 would be about $1500. It's an excellent preamp and phono stage as-is and amazing when modded by Mike Elliott (Alta Vista Audio).

You might be interested in my Granite Audio 770. It has a tubed linestage, phono stage, and power supply. I have had the chance to compare it against a lot of stuff and it has bested most. I have compared it to a BAT VK-31SE and thought the Granite to add a touch more body and emotion to the music. The other pre I compared it to that day, a Hovland HP-100, performed on a virtually equal level. I am looking to move up to a Audio Research Ref3 and truely feel I have to go up to this level to get a significant improvement.
I have a recently upgraded (11/04) Audible Illusions Modulus 3-A with "gold" phono board, black and bronze anodized faceplates, boxes, manuals, tube kit, review articles. I upgraded to a Reflection Audio OM-1.

I simply haven't gotten around to listing it for sale. I think $1300 plus shipping is a fair price.