Looking for a Tube Tester to use - Denver Area & suggestions for other forums to post on

I used to have a great tester. A Hickok. Then I thought I would never have tube stuff again. I sold it. Stupid me. I was wrong.

I have a few 6DJ8/6922/7308 military pulls I need to test.

I would ALSO appreciate knowledge of what others forums I could post this on as well.

Happy to trade use for beer or ??


Peter Rudy
peter at wwbeagle dot com

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Can't say that I loved my experience with them, but these folks will test tubes for you: 

Vacuum Tube Supplies LLC

700 Mariposa St, Denver, CO 80204
(303) 534-5170 https://g.co/kgs/xJrDfn
And let me know if you end up with some extra matched pairs to get rid of... I have those tubes in my dac and would love to hear some more options.
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Thanks Cal.  I was at VTS last week.  Ellen kindly tested about 14 of my 7308 Amperex JAN and USN tubes on one of their FOUR calibrated Hickok 539b&c's. Spent more than 30 minutes.  And no charge.

She gave mU details on each.  Allowing me to pick the most consistent internal measurements and match. And had a chat with Peter, the tube amp master.    

My recently modded and ugraded SF Line 2 would sometimes freak out during warm up and go into mute.  Neither Chris at Parts Connection /SF or I could figure out why and thought "maybe" a weak or borderline tube - since mine are all pulls from 1964.  What I can say is that after the testing and matching, and putting two almost identically tested tubes (with the same internal measurements) in the most important position, the preamp never sounded so wonderful.  Even the wife noticed.