Looking for a Tube preamp with Tube Rectifier stage <= $/£/€ 3000

I'm looking for a Full-Tube preamp with Tube Rectifier stage that didn't cost more than $/£/€ 3000 .
Could you please help me?
in addition to what has been mentioned already...



both gz34 rectification
Quicksilver Full Function
Just a FWIW: there is no good argument for a tube rectifier in a home audio preamp. The reason is simple- the only real advantage of tube rectifiers is that they are lower noise than solid state, if the solid state rectifiers are not treated correctly. This noise might be heard as a buzz.

But that really is the only advantage. Otherwise tube rectifiers have a voltage drop, which varies with load (the more current, the more voltage drop). This makes them very desirable in a guitar amp intended to play the blues, due to the additional distortion introduced by the sagging power supplies. But in a preamp there's not that much current, and not really any reason to have a tube. If you use modern rectifiers like HEXFREDs or the like, you get less voltage drop and the power supply voltage stays more constant. Plus you can also handle larger filter capacitance values, as this is a further limitation of tube rectifiers.