Looking for a tube preamp with remote control.

Although I am very happy with my modified (with Teflon caps) Conrad-Johnson PV 11 preamp, I need to replace it with a tube preamp with remote control due to my current lack of mobility.
I’m looking to spend no more than $3000. The preamp needs to have a phono.input.
I’m matching it with a Benchmark amplifier.
Any suggestions?
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Why not just get an add on passive remote control and insert it into your pre-amps tape loop? Worked well for me.  A good quality one will not change the sound of your system.

Sounds like a great idea.
 Is it hard to set up?
I like the idea of a passive remote volume control add-on.  The best, to me, are transformer-based volume controllers because they don't degrade dynamics (liveliness) as much as other forms of passive volume controls.  I like the Myemia control because it has a lot of steps to the attenuator (with few steps the "right" volume always seems to be between two steps), and it also allows for remote balance setting.  It is a little out of your price range, but, it is worth it.

Simple set up. Two additional short I/C's to and from tape out/in and plug it in. When you want to use it you just switch to 'tape in'. If you want to hear it without the remote you simply switch back to 'source'. FWIW I used a Placette which is a high quality one at a moderate price. When you can find one used it sells for about $600 +/-. There are different models but the one you would want is a single source unit. (They also make a unit which allows 3 sources and they have an active unit as well (very expensive).
If you like the CJ sound, why not wait for a good used one to show up on USAM &/or Agon? As to the passive preamps, I have seen too many people who have tried it go back to a regular active preamp. 
The Rogue headphone amp RH-5 is also a full-function preamp with balanced and unbalanced input and output, tubes, remote control, etc.  An optional phono module brings the total price to just under 3K.  Some prefer it to Rogue's more expensive offerings.
Your Cambridge streamer appears to offer volume control like the BluOS product I use.  Just set the volume control on your preamp to to the maximum volume you are likely to listen to with the volume on the streamer at maximum.  After establishing that value, use the streamer volume app to attenuate the volume to your preferred level.

Buy a used ET 6 SE , sell yours and your bottom line should be around $3k when done 
I had great results with Odyssey Audio’s Candela. High value for the money and Klaus’ service is excellent.
Perhaps checkout the Quicksilver Remote linestage. I've heard the non-remote linestage and thought it was excellent. I'd like to add one to my arsenal at some point. 
Take a look at Schiit Audio, they make a tube buffered unit with  remote volume and switchable inputs.   Put it in the tape monitor space on the CJ.  More importantly, you still use your CJ as the main preamp.
higher cj's for sure... just wonderful linestages
c-j ....  They just sound right.  
I have recently tried a few decent preamps in my system and keep going back to my. c-j Classic 2 SE 

I don’t think I would buy another c-j without the “SE” trim.    
I was going to suggest the Prima Luna EVO 200 but I don’t think it has a phono input. I believe on some models a phono input can be added on but I’m not sure of the EVO 200. It does come in under your budget and may be slightly over if they can add the phono input. A dual mono design, you’re getting a lot of value for the money.

On the other hand you could go vintage. I’m running a DYNA PAS-3X with vintage Mullard 12ax7’s. There are two phono inputs which is nice if you have a stereo and mono table. I’ve found it to be quite adequate. Very affordable. I’ve seen them go for $500-$1500 based on recapping and mods. Although no remote with this one which may disqualify it from your consideration.
The Don Sachs preamp is outstanding. I’ve had mine for nearly a year and it’s really tremendous.
My first choice would be Atma Sphere MP-3. Exceptionnal tube preamp, made in USA. It replaced my Ear Yoshino 912 which is also one of the very best tube preamps available on the market today.
I love my Cary SLP-05 tube preamp. It is built like a tank.  It has full remote. 
Love my Quicksilver. It's not as pricy as some of the other very good suggestions here (Sachs, Atmasphere) but this would be a low-cost experiment: https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649756290-quicksilver-remote-linestage-dj8/

You could probably offer $600 and then buy some really nice tubes to roll in and out, as well as a good power cord.
Thanks for all the suggestions.
I’m now leaning towards the Placette passive remote control.
It allows me to use my current preamp which I love, and comes in under budget.
It’s against purist thought, but I assure you, over the years, in and out of several systems, neither I, nor any of my friends can tell if this wonderful remote line controller is in or out of the system.

Throughout covid, at home, I've refreshed, upgraded, my system is more revealing than ever. I just put it thru the in/out test again (it's hard to believe) and I'm keeping it in, getting all of it's features benefits.


remote source switching, volume, and balance, and this one has the switched power outlet, some versions lack that. it also has built-in fletcher munson ’loudness’ for low level listening, primarily maintaining bass which maintains involvement at those low levels for me.

you need the remote, no front panel switches.

try it: love it, keep your existing preamp (I run my McIntosh mx110z tube tuner/preamp thru mine), and save a lotta $, buy a whole lotta music!

try it, nah, sell it, you won’t lose much or might actually make some if you wait till no others are for sale, which happens frequently.

New, Used, they either work or they don’t, I have 3 (2 active, 1 spare), gave 1 to a friend. I did receive one broken. turns out it had been poorly packed and dropped hard enough that the transformer broke a solder connection, got my money back.
I would be interested in hearing what your impressions are after you have implemented it and listened for a while. As Elliott pointed out this violates the  fundamental principle of introducing no extra functions in the signal path. I tried a high end manual switch box about 40 years ago… that had big negative impact on the sound. Be interested to hear if the technology has improved.
I've been really happy with rogue gear for 20+ years. RP-5 has all you're looking for and can be had for just around 3k as a demo. Like this!
The Placette RVC is a very nice unit.  Many years ago, I tried it in my system, but, I ended up buying their active linestage (unity gain buffer) because it sounded a bit more dynamic.  But, you already have a nice linestage, so the remote volume control makes sense.  

Don't stint on the interconnects needed to put it into the loop.  This level of gear warrants using really nice wiring.

Yes, I already have some decent cables, but I’m afraid I may have to upgrade.
Very happy with my new THORESS DUAL FUNCTION PREAMP.