Looking for a tube phono pre

Looking for a tube phono pre in the 2500 to 3k price range. Currently running a Sutherland Insight LPS. Using a PrimaLuna EVO 400 integrated and VPI Prime scout with Hana ML. I have a Chinook on order at Upscale but they are dragging their feet and I have read some reliability issue post with the Chinooks, so I can cancel the order. Anyone compare the Rogue to a Chinook? Thanks






I whole heartedly agree. I owned a PH8 for many years I think it was about their highest performing phono stages for the money… and used, a screaming deal. I now own a Reference 3… ok, better but at twice the cost.


Your post caught my eye since I have a Herron VTPH-2A;

" I've had the Herron VTPH-2A and the Hagerman Trumpet MC. The Herron is very neutral and detailed and low noise. The Trumpet is very warm, open, beautiful sounding. Doesn't try to be as neutral as the Herron, but I love that kind of romantic sound. It definitely sounds like tubes doing tube stuff. Low noise but not as much as the Herron. The Ares (like all Rogue gear) is an interesting mix of clean non-tube sounds, almost some SS like qualities, and then some tube sound qualities (the Blue CineMag adds some warmth and body so that was a good choice). The Herron does that too (with JFET front end) but is more refined and even handed. All of these 3 stages are extremely flexible with gain and loading options! The Hagerman through wonderful front switches. You will have to change tubes to unlock some of the extra gain levels for the Herron and Ares. The Ares uses DIP switches (ugh) for loading and the Herron uses optional RCA plugs which you have to get from Keith ".

I was looking for a 2nd Phono Stage since I desire to run a Stereo & Mono TT.

Long story short and Thanks to you I purchased the Hagerman Trumpet MC which arrived before Christmas. I am extremely impressed with it and I can now understand why there are so many Excellent Comments out there. I view the Hagerman as an Overachiever for the price.

I love the aesthetix Io but settled for the Herron, call him up and have him configure for audiophile (he has two tube configurations).  For the price you can’t go wrong.  I went down the rabbit hole in 2016 and have probably dropped $45k into my system including 1500 LPs, so be prepared to stay within your limits!

Late to the party but I would recommend a used Zesto 1.2.  I used one for a few years and then went up to the Zesto Deluxe II which has balanced I/O and better SUTs but is a lot more expensive.  The 1.2 is dead quiet, dynamic, not tubey and just flat out a great sounding bargain.  Reliable and cheap to run.

There's a nearly new Musical Fidelity NuVista Vinyl going on USAaudiomart at the moment for 2290. I absolutely love mine!