Looking for a transport with word clock input

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I have a dCS Elgar Plus / Purcell combo and want to mess around with the word clock output. I realize the dCS transports have a word clock input but I was wondering what other transports are out there that I don't know about. HHB CD recorders, TEAC P0, Esoteric P-70 all have the capability of taking an external 44.1kHZ word clock, but there's got to be more. Slaving off of a master clock is common practice in recording studios, I'm surprized more of us A'philes aren't trying it! Any help is greatfully appreciated!
Tascam RW2000 - professional CD-R.
Studer A727 - circa late 80s professional CD player.
Other professinal gears must have clock sync input.

HOME audio high-end CD transport generally do NOT have it. Why? Bests me... Ken
By the way, does your dCS's clock sync output BNC? If not (some high end gears have those "sync" connection, but often it is in proprietary form or cable), you just can't cheat on your wife.

Btw2, TEAC, Esoteric, and Tascam are all the same company.

Btw3, Studer no longer makes CD player.

You may want to search for professional gear sites.

Thanks so far guys! The dCS gear has standard BNC connectors and is a standard word clock.

Keep 'em coming! I'll check out some more pro gear while I wait for more responses.

I don't think there are many more in the market. I searched for it short while ago, too. I found only Tascam RW2000 and SONY CR66 (now discontinued). Even Tascam RW2000 has been discontinued in Japan, so it will be out in US soon. There is one on eBay right now (no, I'm not the seller). If you are looking for "normal-looking" CDP or Recorder, the choices are these two. If you don't mind studio-type console-look, bulky "machine", choices could be more.
Well, I really hope there is some modder out ther who is willing to "add" BNC word clock sync input to home-use CD trasnports. I am sure it should be possible since some modders offer clock upgrade (maybe I am too naive). If you find such a modder, let me know.
Good luck. Ken
Anymore ideas out there???

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I know at leas 3 transports that have word clock input (via TosLink):

dpa Enlightenment
the new Chord transport (forgotten the name)
Arcam Delta
Linn Karik ?

dpa and Arcam are not available any more