Looking for a suggestion for a good Phono Stage

I have a Luxman PD264 with a Grado Cartridge and an Audio Research SP-4 pre-amp. My amp is a Classe CA-200 and I have B&W 802 Matrix Series 2 speakers. If I ever replace my TT I would probably go with a higher end Rega.
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"I believe ARC put out an SP4-A that had the phono stage"

I'm fairly sure all SP-4 preamps came with a built in phono stage. However, not all came with a built in MC head amp.
If you use a high output cartridge(like most Grados, MMs or HOMC) there should be no problem. If you want to at some stage move to a low output MC then a good step-up transformer would probably better than the head amp that came with the SP4 anyway.