Looking for a suggestion for a good Phono Stage

I have a Luxman PD264 with a Grado Cartridge and an Audio Research SP-4 pre-amp. My amp is a Classe CA-200 and I have B&W 802 Matrix Series 2 speakers. If I ever replace my TT I would probably go with a higher end Rega.
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Klyne 6 or Klyne 7 Phono.
Sonically closing the gap between Transistor & Tube.
Which Grado are you talking about and what are the specs, like out put and impedance? How much do you want to spend? What are you looking for from this Phono stage the ARC doesn't give you? I am sure if you specify these things the analog guys will help you.
Mechans- I think the cartridge is a Grado Green Prestige. I would probably upgrade the cartridge at some point. I don't believe the particular ARC SP4 I have has a built in phono stage. I believe ARC put out an SP4-A that had the phono stage. I don't want to spend much more than $200, either new or used. I do have a fair collection of vinyl, but most of my investment is CD.
That budget kind of limits things, I can't think of anything other than a Bellari with it's single tube, sorry.
"I believe ARC put out an SP4-A that had the phono stage"

I'm fairly sure all SP-4 preamps came with a built in phono stage. However, not all came with a built in MC head amp.
If you use a high output cartridge(like most Grados, MMs or HOMC) there should be no problem. If you want to at some stage move to a low output MC then a good step-up transformer would probably better than the head amp that came with the SP4 anyway.
Interesting that you and "Liberty Audio" have the same street address in El Cajon, Ca.

How about an explanation?

Thanks in advance.
My SP-4 has SPARE, TUNER, MAG 1, MAG 2, HEAD AMP input selection. I run my phono through MAG 1. Am I getting that part right? There is a fair amount of hum coming out of the speakers until I begin to play a record. I have decided to upgrade to a Grado Prestige Gold (from the green) unless somebody has an idea of a comparably priced cartridge with better synergy. What about Pro-Ject Tube Box for the stage. A little up in price from the $200 I quoted, but maybe worth it? I apologize about my lack of knowledge in this field. I did not grow up around vinyl and decided to do a 180 degree from setting up my system to play PC audio so I'm jumping into this head first.

Yes we do have the same address, we make the B2B-1.

Your observation has been brought up here before by others. However, if you read my post you will not find any "superlatives" about the phono stage not even a link to our new website just a suggestion to check it out. The original poster was asking for suggestions about phono stages.

I see nothing wrong in that, part of my "job" is to make folks aware of my products.

I think your Mag input is intended for an MM cart., so if you are running it striaght in, without a separate phono stage, that is correct. If not, you may be phono amplifying your phono stage, which should amount to an unacceptable amt. of gain and is thus noisy. The Head Amp input would make sense as an MC circuit, but I am not certain about it. Can you download an SP-4 user manual?
Yes PBN that may be your "job"... as such, you are a professional who stands to gain from a suggestion involving a product you sell. Such a suggestion must be a biased, even if a good one. Having a motive without saying "dealer disclaimer" or the like, is really not the right thing to do. In the future you can free yourself simply by saying you are a dealer or manufacturer, that is simply more open and honest.
It appears upon further research that I am running the phono through a phono input. Other than upgrading to a Grado Prestige Gold, any other tweaks or equipment recommended to improve my over all sound? I think my complaints right now is that compared to my CDs my record sound is a little flat. The bass seems to lack punch, and the highs could be smoother.