Looking for a subwoofer to match my GMA Europas

I would like to add a subwoofer to my system to add a little more bottom end to my music. I currently have two Green Mountain Audio Europas hooked in to a Conrad Johnson CAV-50 and have been very pleased for several years.

My listening room is small, roughly 14 ft by 12 ft. My music tastes run mostly to jazz and classical, with an occasional rock tune mixed in.

Any suggestions for a compatible subwoofer would be appreciated. I suspect I need one with RCA speaker connects given my amp, but am not sure.


I used Green Mountain Audio Europas with a REL Storm III. The REL seems to match well with most all speakers. REL recommends running the main speakers full range then blending the subwoofer via speaker level. Very simple connection and easy to match to your speakers. Highly recommended.
Tread carefully, a room that small won't likely support very low bass.
With my old Callistos, I had very good luck with a Martin Logan Depth.

REL. I use a 108Q in a room 14 x 10. Perfect!
Thanks to all for the feedback! I will be cautious in going too low on the bass. I don't need to rattle the walls, just add a bit more depth. I'll check out the ML and REL and let you know how I fare!

You won't be able to control how low the sub reaches. You will be able to control where it hands off to the Europas and the volume of the sub. The key here is to not cross the sub over too high in order to avoid too much overlap and a midbass "bump". Just let the Europas do what they do and roll the sub in as low as possible to fill in the bottom octave.

You may consider 2 smaller subs than one larger sub. Check out my system.
It's not the speaker but most likely the amp IMHO. EL34's aren't known for their killer low end (but I do love them). I ran the Europa max with 6550 based be mono blocks and never felt the need for a sub, but it is a different GM speaker from a driver standpoint. Great speakers that love the extra power... They sounded great with an old solid state Mac (mc 7270) as well.
As always, many thanks for the best audiophile education on the web! I noticed that many of the subs being suggested do not have RCA connects allowing me to run the speakers through the sub. Some of the older subs I was looking at had this as a primary way to connect the sub to my system.

As my CJ-50 does not have a connect dedicated to the sub, what is my best bet for hooking it up?