Looking for a SS integrated Amplifier recommendation going into a new system

While waiting for a new speaker delivery, I have some time to start looking for a SS integrated amplifier, and hoping for some recommendations.

The speaker to pair with is Ascend Acoustics Sierra Tower with RAAL tweeter option that is around 91dB efficient, and the room size is 12x18x8.  I mostly listen to classical, jazz, female vocal, and the listening level normally is around 85dB, occasionally go up to 90dB.

I originally was looking for class-A integrated amplifier, but now would like to open the possibility to class-A/B as well to see what will be a good match for this new system I am putting together.

Marantz PM-10.  Nice speed, full realistic sound when playing classical music.  Excellent mid range on vocals.  Can also rock out.
The Pass Int-25 delivers the sound qualities you desire and gives you up to about 100 watts into 4 ohms. Drawbacks: takes about an hour to sound its best, gets up to about 50 degrees C, and is not the greenest of gear. 
Another tube suggestion, Mike Sanders' Quicksilver Integrated Amplifier. It is rated at 20W and drives Focal Aria 906s, rated 89.5 dB, just fine. The Quicksilver replaced a Yamaha A-S501. My music sources and room source are close to yours.
I had the exact same Sierra towers with raal and ran them first with a marantz pm-15s2 and later on with a parasound halo a23. I thought I loved the sound of both until I got a pair of PBN speakers which opened my ears to the fact that the raal tweeters were just to thin in their presentation even so they gave a great sense of space. Mainly they did not sound strong enough to fill the room with a solid realistic sound. After experiencing the solid live like sound of the PBN Montana XPS, I could not ever go back to the light beautifully airy sound of the Sierra towers. However they were a great step up in my audiophile journey. If I could do it over I would pair them with a leaning dark sounding amp for sure.
Have a look at AVM from Germany. I just got their SA8.2 power amp, which I am currently driving direct from my PS Audio DS Dac. Sounds absolutely amazing. Warm, luscious, detailed but not fatiguing. I am using them to drive focal sopra 3s. Was previously using the Anthem STR integrated but the AVM is in another league.