looking for a speaker with one driver.

I want to build 300b amps (4W/ch) and looking forward to find a full-range speaker with just one driver. Any experience will be welcomed to share. I might also consider to use it with separate tweeter.
I listen mostly to progressive rock of 70's and jazz of 70's and 80's(King Crimson, Van Der Graaf...; Weather Report, Brand X, Al DiMeola)
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Try looking here. I'm sure that you'll find something of interest and probably learn a lot along the way. These folks are buying, selling, designing, building, tweaking, etc... "one way" or "full range" speakers to death. Sean

I would recommend looking into the RL Acoustique Lamhorn 1.8's. You can contact Robert Lammare directly in Canada for more information. I am pretty sure they use the AER MK-1 full range driver and are also horn loaded. 4 Watts should be plenty with them.

They were very well reviewed and spoken quite well of at the Stereophile show.

And Sean, No I do not sell them. :)
You can try www.thehornshoppe.com, try doing a search on Google for lowther speakers. There is a David Dicks in St. Louis who sells Lowthers. Fostex drivers are ok. I build a Fostex based single driver full range , bass reflex speaker. They image well and have incredible clarity and detail (and this was a cheaper Fostex as opposed to the Sigma series Fostex) but not great bass. And th I have heard the bass is improved with Lowthers in a Fedelio horn loaded enclosure. You can also combine the Fostex or the Lowther with a an Audax 15 driver bassed on Basszilla design from Dan Olsher(check www.madisound.com). I was thinking about the Basszilla but decided against it as it requires a large room!! There is also a design available on the net by the name of Voight Pipe which looks cool and simple to build and will work with a Fostex or a Lowther, check this out as well. As for myself, I went with a speaker that's crossover-less from Decware High Fidelity Engineering( Check this site out www.decware.com). The reason I choose the RL-1 from decware? Well, upper frequency extension is better, imaging is better and holographic/3D presentation is amazing! I would not even build a 300b as the Zen amp from Decware for $500-700 will simply KILL any 300B! Good luck....By the way, hey wanna buy my 60lb bass reflex design for single drivers?...
Kasboot, has the RL-1 shown up at your house yet ? I'd be curious as to your feelings about how it works once it has settled in somewhat. I've somewhat followed the "metamorphisis" of this speaker and i can see that it has changed quite a bit since its' first inception.

With that in mind, i wonder just how much it has changed ? In Steve's initial "white papers" on it, i could see quite a few ways to improve the design and widen the frequency response. I also didn't care for how he was coupling the motor to the cone. Then again, this was strictly a prototype. I assume that he has come up with something that is a little more reliable and repeatable since he's planning on doing this on a small production basis. Since he hasn't updated any of the information since the earlier prototype research, i really don't know what to expect out of them. Especially since he hasn't posted any frequency responce or dispersion charts, etc...

This design is also not quite "crossover-less" or "one driver". I'm assuming that he's using a 6 dB per octave on the tweeter (one capacitor), which would be the "top grade polypropylene minimalist crossover design".

As to what "sparked" his interest in doing a project like this, look back at the "Wild DIY Projects" covering the "radial speaker" and read that. You might be able to guess who the person is that contacted him about the original Ohm Walsh drivers and referred Ole Thoft with his "Conus" project to Steve. The name of that person is....
One of the best DIY single-driver/fullrange speakers is the Hammer Dynamics Super12's. The super12's use a 12" driver w/ a supertweeter above 10kHz. Because of it's design and cabinet size, the Super's rock w/ terrific bass, something not often found in single-drivers with a HUGE cabinet (bass relfex) or horn. Beyond that, the Super12 is supposed to have great clarity, delicasy, coherence, imaging, etc.

The drivers and directions cost $650 or so and the cablinet is extremely easy to build.

Read Dick Olsher's review on Enjoy The music:

There is a is a section dedicated to the Super12's on The Single Driver Website, which is an unbelievable source for information. Their forum is awesome, lots of serious experts to help out the beginners.


Super12 page: