Looking for a Speaker Recommnedation

Looking to upgrade from my current Rogers LS3/5a + AB1 REL 328 setup .  While I love the smooth mids of these speakers (especially on voices/acoustic instruments), I tend to play harder music more frequently (alt/rock/punk/etc) which these do not excel at. I like to play music loud and have a real world living room my system is in (cathedral ceiling, open on one side, many windows. couch between my speakers) so setup is a challenge. I hate harsh sounding speakers.

My current playback system consists of a Oppo-BDP105 (or primarily Roon/JRiver via Ethernet) into a PS Audio DirectStream Jr DAC > Conrad Johnson Premier 14 Tube Pre > Conrad Johnson MF2500a Amp.  All run by a PS Audio P5 with a combination of Nordost/Shunyata cabling.

Looking to spend around $4,000-$7,000 but could be flexible. Used or new is fine.

Currently considering:

PSB Imagine T3
Vandersteen Trio CT
Spendor D7
Mangepan 3.7i (don't think this will work with high SPL)
Endeavor Audio E-3
Revel F208
Golden Ear Triton 1
Dynaudio Excite X44

Any other speakers I should be considering based on my equipment, volume preference and music? Anything I should eliminate?

Looking forward to hearing everyone's opinions & thank you in advance
I'll take a look at the Tekton's. Thanks
Tekton has come out with 2 new speakers recently.  It would be interesting to talk to Eric from Tekton on how he rates his new speakers vs the Pendragon.  Speaker comments are so subjective.  What is brilliant to one persons ears does not mean that those speakers are better than the other.  Case in point, I heard the Pendragons and Triton ones side by side and I totally preferred the Pendragons.  Plus, like you I could not get over how ugly the Tritons looked. 

" Parts Connexion (an Audiogon dealer) is selling a number of Monitor Audio models at very good discounts. Check them out. "

Excellent speakers, but if they ship from Canada, the savings may be more trouble than their worth. 
You owe it to yourself to hear the Revel’s. They are outstanding in all respects and an unbelievable value. The road could stop here for a very long time.

Will do some more research on the Revel & Monitor Audio.

Re: Triton's - I'll have to check them out to really see how they look & sound. I have a dealer fairly close by. Can you run it without that sleeve?

WAF will be an issue that might kill the Maggie's.

Thanks guys