Looking for a speaker for my LM 845 Premium

Today I have the Tekton Double Impact, but now matter what I match them with there are some hardness / brightness in the mid range.
I am looking for a high efficiency speaker for my 30W tube amp.
sensitivity > 92db
impedance min. at any frequency 4 ohm.
My room 25m2

And if possible made in Europe, Why? because import from the US add 1/3 on top of the price, and more if it’s a very heavy speaker.
PureAudioProject is another Europe-based maker you could check out.
I agree that AN would compare very closely with DeVores other than perhaps ideal room placement.  That's where I would lean as well if searching in Europe.
AN may well be a good option...

But... you might also consider Proac, which mates well with LM amps.  

And... the Spatial Audio line are very efficient speakers... and would likely be a good match, maybe better than the Proac speakers.  Open baffle speakers are special, if they are efficient, which Spatial Audio's are.
I have a pair of AN J-Spe and they are great with my AN 8W per channel amp. Your room probably will allow the AN E-Spe. Sound is incredible....
The hardness brightness in your mid-range is probably coming from the speaker cables in the interconnects. Any of sea wire no matter what they do to it will cause those problems to happen. Try OCC single crystal wire, that has been proven to be the best wire for audio out there. Acoustic Zen has the best prices, everyone else is charging way too much. Call Robert at acoustic Zen the guy is a walking encyclopedia for sound.