Looking for a song

I heard a Phil Ochs song years ago called "Pretty Smart on my Part" that I thought was hysterical. I have bought a few of his discs but don't have a copy of that song yet. Does anyone know where I can find it?

Are there other songs for which people are looking, but haven't been able to find?
Amazon lists Phil Ochs CDs and identifies two products that have this song:

Farewells & Fantasies: The Phil Ochs Collection, available from one of Amazon's third party vendors for about $160. It is a 3 disc boxed set that could likely include songs you already have.

Cross My Heart: An Introduction to Phil Ochs, available from a number of third party vendors for as low as $8.36 for used or "new." Looks like the better bet.
Wow, thanks. That's a fun song, but not worth $160 to me, but for under $10, that's do-able. I'm not real up on computer stuff and didn't think to check Amazon, you know, being over 40 and all.
Uppermidfi, Amazon is a great place to look for stuff music wise. Always look in the NEW AND USED section BUT scroll down to the new before buying. Sometmes the new disc can be had cheaper than a used disc. Also some used stuff is described as sealed,new but listed as used. Last week I picked up Little Charlie and the Nightcats"That's Big" used for 5.50 because the description said the CD case was smashed but sealed and the CD was in perfect shape. Well it came the other day and it was BRAND NEW sealed. I guess they couldn't find the smashed one!