Looking for a solid state preamp for Krell fpb 250m monoblocks

I have a pair of Thiel CS 6's I just purchased, along with Krell FPB 300m monos. I'm reading that Krells aren't too kind with tubes, will clear that up with the guys a Krell, but am interested in suggestions for a preamp in the under 4K range.

As a fan of tube preamps, there is only one SS preamp that I could recommend, a Klyne 7 series preamp. Very natural sounding, IMHO.
They are very hard to find on the used market, but if you are patient, you should be able to find one in your price range.
All I've used are tube preamps with all my Krell amps over the years, starting with KSA100s and never a problem.    The old Krells are a bit bright and hard so always prefer some tubes in the chain.

In your budget, checkout an used ModWright LS 36.5 DM.
I recommend a tube preamp as well, I think if your not careful you could be adding a lot of coolness and edginess to your system. A tube based pre would add much needed warmth and the Modwright is a good choice but I would also check out a Manley Jumbo Shrimp, or a Doge 8 clarity, or Dehavilland Ultraverve 3 or a Audio Research or Conrad Johnson. All well within your budget.

Matt M
A friend of my uses the Krell FPB 600 mono blocks to drive his Rockport Altair speakers.  His preamplifier is the Absolare Passion and it is a superb sounding match.  I strongly disagree with those who told you that tubes and Krell don't mix. 4K dollars can get you a very good used tube preamplifier. 
Good luck, 
OK, I called Patrick at Krell and he told me how to render the Krell FPB 250m safe for Tube preamps, and sent me a diagram. 
Never mind! I'm now a convert to tube preamps!
Thanks guys.


Do you have the FPB 250M monos or 300 Stereo amp? I couldn't tell because there's conflicting statements in your opening question. I own the FPB 250M monos and am interested in hearing which tube preamp you decide on.

Sorry, I mentioned 300m which is incorrect. I have 250m monoblocks. I have just this minute completed the task of removing two small black plastic jumpers , which then engages the capacitors into the signal path, and makes the tube preamp safe for operation with the Krell solid state monos.  Patrick at Krell gave me a little diagram and specific instructions for performing the operation.
It takes a lot longer to remove the screws (8 on each mono) and take off the covers then it does to make the adjustment by removing the little plastic jumpers. Then I put back all 16 screws and now I'm good to go! I will soon see how the Transcendent tube preamp performs with the Krell. 


Which preamp did you decide to go with your Krell 250M monoblocs and how does it sound?

WOW Michael, been there done that!

Years ago I used a Krell FPB 200 stereo amp with Thiel CS6's.  I went through a bunch of amps and pre-amps, tube and SS.  With my gear the Thiels were bright and could get down right tinny at times.  Tubes took some of the brightness away.  If I had to do it again I would stay away from tube pre's with 6SN7 tubes and stay with 12AX7 (the best) or 12AT7 and 12AU7's. 

I never got my Thiel's dialed in to my liking and now use B&W 801s3's.  Yet, I still have the 6's and use them a few days, every year or so. 

I can't say how it would work with your equipment but I recently purchased a Mcintosh C2500 pre-amp.  It is the best tube pre I've ever used.  To my ears, it is warm and smooth.  Also it reacts nicely to tube rolling.

Good Luck.
SS.... So,  The Klyne is a wonderful suggestion.
SST Ambrosia
Jeff Rowland Capri S2
Coda 07X 

These 4 are all hard core solid state performers.