Looking for a softer tube

Currently using Philips SQ E88C tubes in my preamp (Lector Zoe ) and am looking for another tube that can give me the same detail, but a little warmer / softer on the top.

The Zoe can use a variety of different tubes :


So open for suggestions.
Mullard seems to be the go to tube for a softer presentation.
I have tried Mullards in the past and recently, and I seem to get the ones that are microphonic.
Check with Andy at Vintage Tube Service's. His check process is impeccable. Tell him that you want "phono stage" tubes which are the least noisy.
Sylvania 12au 7 is smooth .
Try Upscale Audio at upscaleaudio.com. Some good info there or ask them.
Mullard 12au7 "box plate", without a doubt.
NOS RCA 12au 7 Black top or clear top will work, and they are not as expensive as Mullards. I also believe their softer. In no way am I knocking Mullards, just differentiating.
You might try a 6211 if you can find them. It's a lower gain 12AT7. I'm also with the Mullard guys as far as finding them to be warm.
Hi all ! Telefunken smooth plates are , well , smooth sounding . Or , I have great success by going with Jim McShane's advice .
Siemen e82cc/12au7. It has a vivid and clear midrange. Excellent dynamics and a controlled top end. Check Upscale Audio for exact description.

I will be selling my backup MQ in platinum grade that I no longer need and was purchased from Upscale.

BTW, Philips e88cc SQ is one of my favorite tubes.
Siemen grey plate 12au7,find them buy them fantastic detail and midrange they let the music come through.I had to replace my telefunkens which are very smooth almost to smooth in my system but may work for you I just cannot pass up the midrange of the siemens.
I don't think you'll find a soft tube, there made of glass.
The 6dj8 family of tubes, to which your e88cc belongs, will probably have, as a group, a very different sound signature in your preamp's circuit than the 12_7's that have been recommended so far. Why not first stick to the family of tubes that you currently use, just one with a tonality more to your liking? With that in mind, and to address your specific concerns, I have found that in MY line stage the USA Amperex 6922 like these http://app.audiogon.com/listings/amperex-6922-e88cc-tested-new-best-used-tubes give me a similar tonality, with similar amount of detail, but less aggressive up top than my Phillips SQ's.

If you want to spend some money look for some USA Amperex 6922 white label PQ's. Good luck.