Looking for a small, good receiver

Hi all,
First time poster here.

I seem to have run into a little problem with a set up I have. I just recently bought an old 60's record player credenza with the plan of completely ripping out the preamp in the back (doesn't work and doesn't offer an aux input) and replacing it with an old pioneer receiver I had lying around. My problem arose when I discovered that most receivers are too deep to fit into the back side of this credenza, so I am now trying to find something that will fit into the space on the top where the records themselves are stored.

This brings up the problem that I have about 14" across and 12" down for space for a receiver, and (obviously) most vintage receivers are at least 16" across.

I'm interested in an all-in-one solution, or something that's very simple and small because of the space consideration. All suggestions welcome.
I own an Onkyo Receiver that is 1/2 width, 8”Wx4”Hx~10”D. Nice little 18wpc receiver. Use it to drive 8ohm, 88dB Celestion F10 speakers. Can find then on Ebay. They came with remote when new, often sold used without. Go for ~$90 w/o remote.
Advent 300 might fit if you can find one in good operating condition.
A vintage Marantz 2010 or 2015 might fit the bill.
Denon DRA-CX3 is a newer unit but small ... retailed for @ $1200 but can be found used for $600 or less

Well reviewed, built like a tank and looks great!
Check out Teac NP-H750 network integrated amp.
Doesn't have an analog tuner but will play internet radio and it appears to be small.
Check rega, bel canto, wyred for sound
Teac AG-H300. The model is not in production anymore,but you
can find it on Ebay. My sister in - law has one and it is very
compact (less than 9 inches wide).