Looking for a Shotgun...

Hey folks - looking to upgrade my biwired Nordost Red Dawn Rev1 with a pair of true shotgun cables (I have a multichannel EAD PowerMaster 2000). I know about the ZuWax and the Acoustic Zen Satori, but what other cables are available in a true shotgun configuration (essentially double wires). I'm looking for something on the neutral side.

System: EAD PowerMaster 2000, Revel Studios. Budget: Used for under $1000.

XLO Signature 5.1 shotgun cables work exceptionally well in my system. I purchased a used pair of 8' cables and had them reterminated into a 4' shotgun pair.
I've been very happy with a Silverline Audio Conductor shotgun configuration used between a McCormack amp and ProAc speakers. Retail was $535, I think, for the 8' shotgun pair.
Sfar - how'd you like the sound of the silverlines?
Try the Virtual Dynamics Signatures Series cables. Very detailed, dynamic and awesome bass.
I demo'ed the AZ Shotguns and I have to say that they were excellent in my system. I'd highly recommend them.
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Leftistelf, I'm extremely impressed with the Silverline speaker cable. With my setup it provides a very detailed, open sound but but much greater bass extension, as well.

The only direct comparison I have is with the single-wire DH Labs T-14 in a much longer run that it replaced and I'm assuming that part of the difference is in the bi-wire configuration and shorter length. The DH Labs cable is excellent stuff but I do find the Silverline to be sweeter and deeper. Of course, it's about four times the price and it ought to be dramatically better.

I'd bought a subwoofer at the same time as the Silverline cable but the improvement in the bass just from the Silverlines made me hesitate about even dealing with trying to configure the sub. I did eventually add the sub, though, and that has worked out well.
SONORAN SIGNATURE BI-WIRE SHOTGUN 6FT PAIR IS MY CABLE OF CHOICE. Neutral, fast, transparent,textured,spacious,dynamically coherent,superb build quality,individually numbered, purchased new from Star Sound at a price that did not wound my wallet. Have since re-wired the internals of my speakers with this same coherent cable..
I will soon have a chance to hear the Sonoran Signiture speaker cable. My good friend Jcbtubes will be getting his pair soon. He may not know it yet, but I will be getting more than a fair test in my system. I have learned much from my friend Theaudiotweak. He has yet to stear me wrong YET! I will be very happy to let you know my impressions once I am able to give these cables a fair test. I have a few excellent speaker cables to compare them to. I will be sure to report back once the cable is broke in and have had the time to do the listening that takes me longer than most. It ain't costing me a dime, but there is more to evaluating a cable than plugging it in and listening for a few hours. For me, evaluating cable is a job. I promise to do that job regardless of the outcome. And I will give my opinions as only one can. Integrity is the only thing an audiophile has to offer. There is always that system synergy that must be considered. Will be more than happy to share with you once i know what i am talking about.
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Try Audience Au24 SE, one of the most neutral sounding cables known to me.