Looking for a romantic sounding monitor

I currently own a pair of Triangle Zerius I want to keep and put into a second system. I am looking for a romantic pair of bookshelves to use with my Roksan Caspian MKII Int with a YBA CD Special. I dont know if Quad L series or B&W will give me the romantic sound im looking for. Any suggestions under $1000 new or used?
I'm not sure if they're still in production, but the Sonus Faber Concertino is a very lush, nice-sounding speaker. Most SFs are, in fact. You might even be able to find a used pair of Concertos in your price range.
What does romantic soundlike? I have Quad 12L's and like them quite a bit. I would describe the sound in my system to be a bit on the layed back side of neutral.
Spendor SP3/1P... like budda!
Silverline SR-15 used!
Yes! The Concertinos are great to listen when making love.
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Silverline SR15's are great, but I wouldn't call them romantic per se. Maybe a bit on the warm side, but nothing like a Sonus Faber. SR15s are indeed wonderful, in any case.
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How SF sound with my dark sounding amp? Any comments?
I think the Jmr Trentes would fall into that class as well
Romantic and very musical
my Bose is spectacular to bang to...while playing my modded XYZ....Thousands and thousands of times...sometimes all in one day...
08-23-05: Bignerd100
Spendor SP3/1P... like budda!
This guy is right, these speakers are smooth.
Trianglezerius, have you tried Roksan RokOne monitors with your Roksan Caspian Integrated amp? Roksan used to demonstrate them together at shows. The RokOne's were built by Spendor and according to Roksan's specifications. Retailed for $1000, but no longer manufactured and discontinued for several years now. On occasion I have seen NOS Roksan RokOne's selling for around $500.

Vienna Acoustics Haydn's.
I think the Totem Model 1 Sigs fit your description; I just had a home audition over several days. Definitely more romantic and alive than hi-fi or clinical. Used pairs come up on the 'Gon around your price I believe.

I was especially taken with the naturalness of voice and guitar through these speakers, even though they may not be the last word in low level detail amongst the better monitors. Bass seemed light at first, but seemed to be gaining strength with more hours on them.

The new Rainmaker comes within your budget, but I have not compared.
Reference 3A Dulcet or MM diCappo may fit the bill. Very easy to drive.
Triangle - Though I'm personally not a huge fan of SF (I prefer a more neutral presentation) - I think they may be exactly what you are looking for. 'Romantic' is about the most descriptive word for them. look for a used (or new) pair of concertinos or concertos. They will work fine with your amp.

I would also recommend the Von Schweikert VR1 - Available at $1000 new or around $600 used. It is not as "romantic" as the SF, but IMHO is a better, more well-rounded speaker overall. It is still on the warm side, but more accurate and dynamic than the small SF speakers.

The Quad L series is a nice, transparent little speaker - but it is NOT overly warm and romantic by any means. B&W certainly is not what you're looking for either.
size does matter, even in romance...get floorstanders
I second Drubin's nomination of the Dulcets. Talk about romantic; my wife just mentioned how you could only hear music, not speakers. Unlike me, she doesn't pick up that talk from audiophile 'zines or forums (fora). I would be inclined to emphasize their open-throated voice, directness, precise imaging, and separation of instruments as more distinctive to these speakers than romantic quality; but that's just a personal reaction. I do think the Dulcets are one of the best values in affordable high-end, and they fill a small room with music in a big way.
Vienna Acoutics Haydn. Gorgeous looking too.