Looking For A Remote Controlled Phase Inverter

Does anyone know of a stand alone device that I can plug my cd players output rca's into and then come out with another pair of rca's to my preamp that will allow me to remotely invert the phase???....thanx
That would be very handy!
If no such device exists somebody should make one.....imagine being able to a/b all your discs OR lp's while sitting on your kiester
I looked high and low for such a device before finally giving up and buying a used Aesthetix Calypso linestage Glad I did; it sure beats switching speaker cables :-)
There HAS to be some wizard out there who could build a high quality esoteric unit.....who should we ask???
IIRC, the SF Line series of preamps could do this.

I don't want a new preamp...I have a Cat SL-1 Ultimatedante
Well, excuse me!

Here's the problem. You probably do not want to insert a possibly mediocre piece of electronics in your signal line but, with a single-ended preamp output, that is your only option for changing polarity, afaik. Either (1) you use an active electronic circuit to derive the inverted polarity and a switch to select between the two or (2) you use a transformer for the purpose, again with a selector switch. Your move.

Now, if you had a balanced output preamp, all you would need would be a good 4PDT switch to swap pins 2 and 3 on each output.


P.S.: I have also used option 2 on the speaker lines but the switches need to be VERY substantial.
My DAC has a phase reversal switch , although not a remote one. It does make a difference, sometimes a substantial one. It is also a great way to drive yourself nuts flipping back and fourth. As Kal said, it is hard to do this without degrading the signal.
You'd lose more resolution by inserting contacts and another pair of interconnects, than you are listening to the percentage of recordings you own that were recorded out of phase. My BAT VK-D5 has a phase inversion feature. There are only a few discs that I own, that audibly benefit from reversal(Mostly; just my Cheskys). The studios that are meticulous enough to insure that all their mics and direct fed instruments are recording in phase with one another are few.